[Event] The Horse Games!

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  1. A Horse Lover's Dream!

    Event Type: Horse Race, Horse Parkour, Other Horse Games
    This event consists of these things:
    Horses Racing Around a Track -- No Obstacles are on the track, its strategy and speed. Bring your Fastest horse for this. There will be 3 OF These Races.

    A Straight track full of obstacles and jumps, first to the finish line wins. A High Jumping horse is recommended. There will be 3 of these races.

    There will be a game of Horse Domination, ride around on horses hunting for the the gates, first team of horses and jockeys to control all gates wins. Walking over the wrong block gets you knocked out, so watch out for those out-of-the-ordinary blocks.

    The next game is where there is a ton of untamed horses running around and you have to tame as many as you can in 4 minutes, and after they are tamed ride them into your horse cage, at the end the player with most horses wins and everybody gets to keep the horses.

    At The End there will be the final count up of all wins, and the top 3 people with most wins are rewarded with more prizes and an EpixMC Head, (which is none in existence, however its not some famous guy so you probably won't want it.) also 1st place gets a memorable book signed by me declaring them the first annual horse games winner.

    The Event will be held Sunday- March 29, 2015, at 2:30 PM EMC Time! Type /time in-game to find out EMC Time.

    The Event will be held at 10128, which hold all the horse stables and other things, also a hotel if u feel like staying for a while.

    Prizes is all in the form of Rupees. The winners of each horse race and jump race will receive 10,000 Rupees, and each 1 Stack of Gold Ingots, 1 Stack of Iron Ingots, And an EpicMinerMan321 Head, prize for domination is 20,000 Split evenly among the team and 32 Gold Ingots for each player in the team. The winner of horse taming gets 10,000 Rupees, 2 Stacks of gold ingots, and A Sharpness 5 looting 3 diamond sword. Total 1st Place will receive 30,000 Rupees and 2nd place 20,000 Rupees, 3rd Place will receive 10,000 Rupees. A Total of 150,000 Rupees will be given away at this event!

    EDIT: All Item Donations Given to the First Place Total Winner.

    I Accept Donations of Rupees. Send All Donations to My Alt Account, EpixMC, To Keep It Seperate from money I spend for myself. Any Extra Rupees After prizes have been given out will be split evenly among the 1st and 2nd place overall winners.

    A Minimum of 6 Players must participate in the event for the event to take place, if not enough show up, the event will be postponed a week. EDIT: It appears I will have six people at the event noting that a few have posted them coming in comments and telling me in-game.

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  3. Congratulations to the following for winning:
    Winner Of the First Horse Race: Doggie45
    Winner of the Second Horse Race: NathanRP
    Winner Of The Third Horse Race: NathanRP
    Winner of the First Jump Race: NathanRP
    Winner of the Second Jump Race: Ben3400
    Winner Of The Third Jump Race: NathanRP
    Winner Of the First Domination: Red Team: Ben3400 And Doggie45
    Winner Of the Second Domination: Red Team: Ben3400 And Doggie45
    Winner of The Taming: Doggie45
    Overall 3rd Place: Ben3400
    Overall 1st Place: TIE Between Doggie45 And NathanRP! Congratulations!
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  4. Wow! This sounds amazing!
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  5. Thanks! I've spent the entire weekend and my entire spring break ahead of me to build the place.
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  6. I'll donate a 130 as a prize! :)
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  7. To give it some time for people to plan, I am pushing the date back to Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 2:30 PM - 14:30 - EMC Time! OP Was changed also.
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  8. This sounds like a great event! I'd love to come, but unfortunately that's 5:30 AM for me :(
    Good luck to everyone else who makes it though :)
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  9. This sounds awesome! It's too late for me, though :(
    But I hope it'll be fun and I'm looking forward to seeing the screenshots!
  10. I'll Be there! :D
    ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
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  11. Great! Remember to bring your fastest horse and highest jumping horse! :)
    Well, If you could wake up at 7:00 You might make it in time for the domination game or possibly the horse parkour! I understand if you like to sleep though, maybe next time.
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  12. That sounds awesome! Very creative!
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  13. Sounds cool. I'll be sure to pop in with my finest horses. ;)
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  14. what smp is that on I'm on smp5
  15. do you win rupees if you win the horse race
  16. Sounds like a great idea, hopefully I can be there.
  17. Congrats on Homepage!
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  18. Great! I'm Glad you are coming!
    Thanks, lol.
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  19. Donated 5,000
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  20. Donated 10k! Lets get peeps wanting to win bad!! I may Perhaps give a couple promos?
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