[Event] The Haunted Mansion Scavenger Hunt

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  1. I am your host, your ghost host. This Halloween season I invite you to come and explore the haunted halls of the mansion with a scavenger hunt event.

    Event type: Scavenger Hunt

    I will have 10 chests hidden throughout the res. In each chest there will be a book with a number in it. Each number corresponds to one of the locked prize chests by the front gate. Redeem your book to me and I'll unlock your prize chest.

    When: October 26th – 4 pm EMC time

    Where: Utopia, /v 5589
    *Note: To keep things fair, +move will be turned off. I will announce when the res is open and ready to start.

    Prizes: Chests will be filled with everything from basic blocks to promos (such as The Reaper, Omneoss, and more). I also will be including some diamond, gold, and iron supporter vouchers.

    Donations: Are welcomed and very much appreciated. If you would like to donate items, you can do so at the donation chest at Utopia, /v 5589. The donation chest will remain open until October 24th.

    Raaynn - Meteor Bow, Haunted Head, Headless Horseman Mask, Emergency Snow Clearing Device, Supporter Thank You by Aikar, Blizz Ard's Eye, Pizza Hut 500k Special Pick, 1 BurgerKnight's Head, 1 Luckygreenbird's Head.
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  2. Nice event! I can't wait to see what's in store at this haunted house! :)
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  3. This sounds like a lot of fun! :D
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  4. I love events like this, you bet I'll be there
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  5. I would love to come, but i may not be here though D: I'll take a tour around the grounds though!
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  6. October 26th, at 4 pm EMC? My Boat Race will probably be still happening (though at the moment I only have 1 entry, with ChipLordTuttle and TriForceP acting as backups if we get no one else). I hope this event goes well!
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  7. After the event I plan on setting the flags so that everyone will be able to visit and look around anytime they want.
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  8. I hope that both of you are adding your player events to the Events page for submssion to that calendar.
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  9. I submitted it, but it will take time to show up.
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  10. I'm coming back to EMC just for this
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  11. Submitted mine, too!
  12. Spooky bump!
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  13. Veryyyyy coool
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  14. 8 more days to go! :D
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  15. Nice. I hope to come if available then. Will bring donations by this weekend.
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  16. Thank you! I hope to see you there!
  17. You have made it to the "Events calendar" !!
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  18. Hola. Just dropped some promos, but I can drop the soulbound ones into a hopper... I could meet up .. or if you place another chest (accesible) on the hopper I can drop them :)

    Also, need any regular items?
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  19. Thank you for the donations!
    I have fixed the chest. Now everyone can place items in there now.

    I'm good on regular items, thank you.