[Event] The Christmas Rush

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  1. So I decided not to celebrate Halloween in Minecraft this year, I just wasn't prepared or anything like that but what I am looking forward to preparing for is this:

    The Christmas Rush

    What you do is you sign a book. Drop your book into a dropper at 18646 on SMP9 and you'll have a CHANCE to receive gifts anywhere from Charcoal to 10,000 Rupee vouchers, Signed by yours truly.

    So the 3 Steps to take:
    • Sign a book
    • Drop the book into the hopper
    • Wait till Christmas to get your gift
    Only reason I'm doing this early, is to prepare. I wasn't prepped for Halloween, so I'm getting prepped for Christmas. Everyone's a winner! :p

    *Please note that putting what you want down into the signed book, does not mean you will get it*


    I'll set out a variety of chests and then any player who puts a signed book into the hopper will pick a chest and they'll receive whatever is in that chest.
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  2. Kind of like Krysyy's 600th day thing. But only one winner? Yeah sure I will enter. I had a very interesting book I wrote to Krysyy called Humans :rolleyes:
  3. How is the winner decided?
  4. Everyone is a winner, you throw your book into the hopper on 12/25/13 EVERYONE who threw their book into the hopper will pick 1 of hundreds of chests on res 18752 on smp9 and they will receive whatever is in the chest they select.
  5. Bump, get them in the sooner you do the more I stock up.
  6. I threw a book in! I also threw in a lil' something extra as gratitude, so feel free to take that out to make more room. :)
  7. I understand this is old, but any updates? :rolleyes: