[EVENT] The Boardwalk grand opening

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  1. Event Type: Grand Opening Drop party
    Event Description:
    The Boardwalk will soon be open to the public. What is a boardwalk? It is a wooden path overlooking an attractive natural setting. My boardwalk is set along a pretty (gloomy) swamp.
    Players are invited to explore this carefully constructed swamp setting while attempting to get at the items I'm dropping as I run around the area like a ferret chasing a shiny object.
    Also you can:
    Visit the storefront which includes shops, services, and a teleport-in bat cage
    Walk the well lit boardwalk
    Search the gloomy swamp for the hidden sights including an aquarium, the blue orchid lagoon fishing spot, and the swamp shrine.

    Event Time/Date: 1:00pm(CDT)/October 11th
    The teleport opens at 1:00pm Central time; I start dropping items at 1:10PM.

    Event Location: At MissFable's Stables & Sundry goods (10694) on smp5
    To get there:
    Step 1: Use "/smp5" command in chat to get to smp5.
    Step 2: Use "/v 10694" or "/v MissFable 2".
    Step 3: Go through the teleport marked "The Boardwalk" in front of you.
    Step 4: Party!

    54 horses (varying stats)
    9 mules (varying stats)
    A disco sheep
    Cake; cookies; and other food items
    Anything leftover from construction (stone, wood, glass, etc)
    (Note: all prizes are given out drop party style)

    Please do not tell other players where the hidden sights are located you are supposed to explore for them.
    Please treat all fellow attendees with respect and dignity.
    While not required if you are planning to attend it would be useful if you commented so I know how many people to expect.
  2. Time conversions
    1pm Central time
    2pm EMC (Eastern time)
  3. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.
  4. Today is the day! :)