[Event] Summer Bash BIg Dig

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Which should we use for the event?

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  1. WHEN:
    June 21st, 2022
    8 pm EMC Time*

    *(Time might change depending on when the Wastelands Update drops.)

    SMP 3, Waste Northeast. Then head east.


    It's a mining event where a predetermined area of land is mined from air all the way down to bedrock, layer by layer. So no cheating with TNT or digging straight down. A public safe house will be set up for everyone to use and a beacon too.

    Let's have some fun!
  2. Am I correct that this about your anniversary time as well?

    Big Dig +5
    Count me in. Always.
  3. Reminds me of 2015 EMC when Anonreturns hosted the "Big Dig" event. :D

    I love this idea, I'll try to attend, but depending on the date and time, I may or may not be able to make it. I have some stuff going on in my life that takes top priority over everything else. :)

    Thanks for hosting such a cool throwback event! ^^
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  4. This is right at the start of my vacation. I'm in!

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  5. I'm certainly interested but the start time is a little early for me. That's about the time I finish preparing dinner. If you will accept late comers I can be there around 8:00.

    It's been a while since the last great dig so thanks for organizing it. It will be nice to see a large group of players just mining.
  6. Nah, my anniversary was back in Feb. I just forgot to something for it xD.

    Late comers are welcome to join anytime.
  7. Well a late Happy emc Anniversary.
    I thought I remembered attending one of these before (maybe 2)

    Depending on the size marked out, you will only miss the dirt layers :rofl: :lmao: It takes a while to get down and going. But then you hit lava! all the funs :+1:
  8. I did do the event for my first and second anniversary's.

    And the size of land will be 80x80.
  9. Sounds great! I will try to make it if I'm available. Thanks for hosting! :D
  10. Bump

    Poll closes tomorrow.
  11. Changing the time to 8:00pm emc time, so it does not conflict with Zomberina's event.
    Location for the big dig is SMP3, Waste NE, East
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  12. The event will be continuing later today at 12:00 noon. Thank you to everyone who did come tonight! I hope to see you on day 2.
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  13. Noon is too soon for me but I'll check out the progress later today when I hop on.

    I've dug many holes solo in the Wasteland but digging with others is the best. Thanks for hosting the event. 🙂
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  14. The dig is now starting.
    Feel free to join in anytime!
  15. The dig is going to continue into day 3. We have about 61 layers left to do.
    Start time will be 2:00 pm emc time.

    Thank you to everyone who showed up today!
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  16. Day three is staring now!
    Feel free to pop in anytime!

  17. The dig is going to continue into day 4. We have about 30 layers left to do.
    Start time will be 2:00 pm emc time.

    Thank you to everyone who showed up today!
  18. Thank you to everyone who came to event! It was tons of fun mining and moss mining with everyone!

    A few pics of the safe house area before the event:

    Sefl steals my boats:

    After the event: