[EVENT SUGGESTION] Village Defense

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  1. So I've had this idea for a while, I believe I may post about it, but in the end, no one cared to acknowledge it.

    I envision a game like such, we find a village in the waste, and then we are given around 15-20 minutes or less to wall that village, barricade it, create trenches, traps and over all just create a massive defensive stronghold. After the time is up, staff will set the difficulty to 10, and then unleash multiple waves of mobs, enraged mobs, and even bosses. Our goal is to ultimately defend the village and pass the select number of waves which get harder and harder.

    The exact thing we are designated to defend would have to be agreed upon. Are we defending villagers? in that case once all villagers are dead, we lose, or maybe the last player to die, or once everyone dies at least once, we lose. Maybe staff can implement a special mob which all enemies specifically target, but once that mob is dead we lose.

    To make it less OP but still enjoyable, staff can provide gear that would reduce the chance of dying and losing 30k worth of gear, but we could also have a few minutes to gather materials that will be used to build the defences, meaning bringing resources beforehand is not allowed, unless there's a chest which has some blocks, although if you would want to build more defences you would have to harvest it yourself.

    I really want this to happen, I would hate for this to be ignored, please suggest something in the comments and help this to become a reality!
  2. That sounds super fun!! *Claps hands* Staff! We gotta make this happen!

    Would be better if we had to protect THE OP VILLAGER from the mobs as well XD
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  3. When THE OP VILLAGER dies, we lose, we must protect him at all costs
  4. Yesssssss!
  5. Can we get a staff member to get things rolling?
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  6. I wonder where I have seen this before...? Oh right, I came up with this idea (p much exactly like this but more) in 2013ish lmao. I also have a custom (but outdated) plugin for the whole thing :p
  7. Looks like your idea got yoinked 6 years later...
  8. I have done this in my single player world 1.14, with the village raids. Its is fun but would be better with a group.:D
  9. I know, that's what this event is.
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  10. I'm in!:D
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  11. Get's me thinking . . . How many Villages are there in the Waste, on average. When all villages are dead the Waste Reset happens?

    Also, the Waste is meant to be the source for resources. Villagers are resources too right? So should a member harvest villagers the villages may be empty. Or simply by a member visiting a village the villages would die due to Zombies. So I'm thinking the Waste would not be a reliable place to host this event. I expect an isolated area on the Game Server would be best.

    Also, there could be custom villages designed by members. But probably one of the game generated villages.


    P.S. Wherever this event takes place it would be cool to have ALL TNT options enabled.
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  12. Sounds fun :) +1
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