[EVENT] Staff vs the World - July 26th

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  1. Get your best armor and potions ready. The Staff is coming for you!

    Think you can take them on? Go to /v pvp on smp6 to try to kill them.
    Some may even have heads to give to their killers.

    The fight starts at 6 pm EMC time.
  2. Will try to make it!

    EDIT: First!
  3. Can't Wait:rolleyes:
  4. nice ill be there ;)

    will aikar and kryssy be there too?

    let me know
  5. Will be there!
  6. I will be for some of the time. Aikar's schedule is currently unknown.
  7. okey :I
  8. Love the picture, seems Chin has the right idea there: "K, thx, bye!" :D

    Anyway, I'm not into pvp myself but I hope others will have lots of fun here!
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  9. Im the worst ever in all of everland, but I will be there to jump around on people's heads and pretend to do stuff. You should come just to say hi shel! :D
  10. I'll be there! For those wondering about my head... there may be one available to one lucky person. I haven't officially given out my head in a long time, but with my new position as staff, I have decided I'd let someone else have the chance to own my head. Any players who slay me will be put onto a list, and after a fair, simple random.org drawing, one person will be chosen to bear ownership to this FDNY21 head - the first of which that will be available at a PVP event! :)

    For those who are not so fortunate and wish to bear ownership and have spare funds for a head, they may check out the summer sale at 18200. Good luck to all later, and I'll see you on the battlefields!
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  11. I will try to be there!
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  12. Just a quick question, will everyone be forced in a group? Or else I'm not going. I'm tired of those players.
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  13. Baradar? You there? Wanna fight?
  14. As fun as it would be to destroy the staff before the staff destroy the world. I'm going to see Suicide Squad with my brother for his birthday. So I will not be able to help out. I hope those that can make it defend the rest against the staff.
  15. Please increase player cap :p
  16. i will hope to be there
  17. Haha killed JDHallows XD
    I wanted to kill B4DMAN5IMON or HxCami10 but i killed JD
    I already got his head today for winning firefloor :p well now i have 2!
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