[EVENT] Spring Wingding! d.p. games and more <3

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    Salutations EMC! ^_^

    I'm Getting Ready For Some Spring Cleaning and Decided to Giveaway Some Nice Things to All You Lovely Players. <3

    So you might be asking? "What's a Wingding?"
    Well besides it being a font style :rolleyes: a wingding is a lively event/party!

    So what type of festivities can you look forward to?

    • Event Type: Fairgrounds Style Wingding
    • Event Description: Games, like "Button Button." Parkour courses. A scavenger hunt across my residences (no need to fear going to the waste) and to top it all off A Drop Party to be held on a pirate ship, where you have to dive for the treasure!
    • Event Time/Date: April 16th at 2pm EMC time/Eastern Time (EDT)
    • Event Location: Starts @ 2113 - the button game and Trivia are held there.
    • 1913 - Parkour.
    • Scavenger hunt - 2114, 2113, 2112, 1912, 1913.
    • 2112 - Hedge Maze
    • Last but not least, Drop Party at - Datzmine's 2418
    • Prizes: Beacons, stacks of diamonds and diamond blocks, ores, vault vouchers, Mob heads, bookshelves, enchanted items, enchant tables, 4 avalaunchers, and much much more...
    • Donations: Are Welcome! :D I will set up a hopper on my main res 2112 next to the donation chest. Or you can mail your items to me and I will cover the mailing cost. Either way you choose to donate, please PM notifying me what you've done. I want to give credit where credit is due!

    • 13 Cooked Turkey
    • 1 slightly used Meteor Bow
    • 15 soulbound Torches
    • 1 Taste The Freedom steak
    • 2 almost depleted starter axes (something to put in an item frame?)
    • 8 Avalaunchers
    • 15 Vault Vouchers
    • 12 Stable Vouchers
    • 1 2015 Labor Bench
    • 1 Spooky Egg
    • 3 Magical Eggcellent Wands
    • 1 2015 Birthday Cake
    • 2 stacks of Shiny Arrows
    • 1 stack Shiny Flesh
    • 2 Dancer eggs
    • 1 used starter horse (black whitefield, speed 88.45%, jump 91.64%, hp21)
    • 2 Marlix's Armor-chestplate
    • 1 Marlix's Boots
    • 1 slightly used Marlix's Bow
    • 2 Maxarian Heads
    • 1 Momentus's Toothpick
    • 1 Pi Pie
    • 1 IcecreamCow Flesh
    • 1 Lamar's Wedding book by Kephras
    • 5 stacks of Bottle o' Enchanting
    • 14 Enchanted Golden Apples
    • 18 Dragon Stones
    • 2 stacks of Dragon stone fragments
    • 42 player heads
    • 7 Saddles
    • 2 Diamond Horse Armor
    • 4 Iron Horse Armor
    • 1 Nametag
    • 6 Beacons
    • 3 Nether stars
    • 1 stack tnt
    • 1 stack eye of ender
    • 1 Gold supporter voucher
    • 2 Iron supporter voucher
    • 1 "present box" player head
    • 1 ender chest
    • 1 Dasher egg
    • 1 2015 EMC New Years firework
    • 1 2014 EMC New Years firework
    • 2 Haunted Candy
    • 1 Blizz Ard's Eye
    • 5 Cupid Bows
    • 3 stacks +48 cupid arrows
    • 2 Pots of Gold
    • 7 unique "totally no a cami helmet" diamond helms
    • 2 Feast for a king papers
    • 1 JackBiggin head
    • 1 Amadai head
    • 1 Weeh head
    • 1 Crystaldragon13 head
    • 1 Mercenarycrow head
    • 1 Eviltoade signature
    • 1 Jackbiggin signature
    • 1 NickkG signature
    • 5 unique Mercenarycrow signatures
    • 1 enchant table
    • 370 bookshelves
    • PLUS so much more! I don't want to ruin the surprise and list everything :p

    All 1st place winners will also receive 1 of my heads along with their prizes. The games with only 1 winner will be marked with a # next to the title.

    "Which Button Will You Choose?"
    There is a 1 in 8 chance of getting the correct button which will take you to the prize room. Once there, you will have 9 chests to choose from for a prize. (each chest has a coupon you turn back into me to get your prize. 3 items for each coupon) There are 18 coupons per chest, so 162 players could win. Choose wrong though...

    Staff Approved by Weeh

    There will be 10 minecraft themed questions to answer in-order to win. But becareful, answer 1 wrong and you go back to the first question.
    PRIZE: 2015 EMC new years firework, Sharp V book, Vault voucher, 64 shiny fleshs, 64 shiny arrows, cake, fire resistance & 2 potion of healing potions.

    Staff Approved by Amadai

    There are 5 courses. Easy, regular, hard and 2 x-treme courses. All 5 are Staff Approved by NickkG


    PRIZE: 64 emeralds and 64 emerald blocks, 1 vault voucher, 1 "parkour cat" spawn egg and a stack of fish to tame it. Plus 50k courtesy of Haro <3


    PRIZE: 15 Emeralds, 1 Mule (s:110.89% J:72.04% HP:22.83) 1 Door "prize" 2 haunted candy, 1 potion of healing,


    PRIZE: 20 Diamonds, 3 dragon stone fragments, 1 stack prismarine, 10 blaze powder, 1 brewing stand, 1 cauldron, 1 water bucket, 1 awkward potion, 1 zombie virus.


    PRIZE: 1 Enchant table, 15 bookshelves, 3 lapis, 10 bottles o'enchanting, 1 diamond boots, 1 stack redstone ore, 1 bow: unbIII, powerII, flameII, Fire protection IV book, 1 anvil


    PRIZE: 1 Beacon, 164 iron blocks, 1 black stained glass block, 1 parkour cat + 64 fish to tame it, 1 stack coal blocks, 1 stack obsidian.

    There will be extra special prizes just for today, for finishing this! (oh, and watch out for jeb_ he nibbles :p )

    Staff Approved by Eviltoade

    PRIZE: 50k (courtesy of xHaro_Der <3 ) for the first person to beat it. Everyone gets a free Dark oak tree from me to you, plus a little something extra for everyone else who pm's me the code word ~_^

    This is the Event you've been waiting for! Staff heads & signatures, jewels, promos, treasure galore! It's all hidden for you to find...



    Players can ask to have a booth set up at lot #1913 next to the parkour course. You will be giving permission to sell/buy items for that day. It's a great way to advertise your shop! Space is limited so message me now to reserve a spot. (your booth can have 2 DC's* due to limited amount of space. Please include what building block, and what color glass you would like your booth made of)
    *So you can sell between 2 and 4 types of items

  3. Donation thanks!

    Mystul= Helped give a Gold supporter voucher
    Weeh= 5 vault and 5 stable vouchers, `Cupids bow, 10 Cooked Turkeys, Magical Eggcellent Wand, 1 Weeh head, 1 EMC New Years 2015 Firework, 1 EMC New Years 2014 Firework
    Omarsgifford14= 32 blocks of, diamonds, gold, and iron. 64 blocks of emeralds and 2 more Diamond blocks. 5,000 rupees, 192 emeralds,
    DrMadFate= 500 rupees
    Rosy2696= 10,000 rupees
    Vansengard= 100 rupees
    Allicanto= 3 stacks XP bottles, 64 Emerald blocks, 2 stacks Gold ingots, 64 Iron Blocks, 2 stacks Glowstone, 20 Diamonds, "Top Quality Pickaxe" enchant pick, 1 unused starter sword, 2 vault vouchers, 2 Avalunchers, unused spooky egg, 9 dragon stone fragments, Magical Eggcellent Wand, 1 "present" head, 4 slime heads, 2 enchant golden apples, Diamond horse armor, Iron horse armor, 8 Enchant books: Infinity I, BoA IV, Kockback II, Silk Touch, Fire Protect IV, Power IV, and 2 Looting III.
    RooYoshMine7337= 3,000 rupees
    607= Lamar's Wedding, by Kephras, 3 * Dragon Stone Fragment, Pi Pie, IcecreamCow Flesh, 6 * Stable Voucher, 6 * Vault Voucher
    wafflebestfriend= 600r
    Cutewolfpup41= 500r
    Quartzic= Marlix Chestplate, Dancer (unused), Dragon Stone
    amadai= Her head
    JackBiggen= His head and a signature
    NickkG= Signature
    Eviltoade= Signature
    MercenaryCrow= Her head and 5 signatures
    ESSELEM= 16 blocks of redstone ore, 4 redstone blocks, 24 blocks of quartz, 3 dragon stones, 9 blocks of coal, 7 gold ingots, 19 lapis shards, 15 blocks of iron ore, 16 bottles o'enchanting, 16 sea lanterns, 1 wither skull, 1 tnt, I gold sword, 2 gold chestplates, Bow with unb.3 and power 3, unb.3 book, smite 1 book, 2 zombie virus, 17 shiny flesh, 2 haunted candy, 14 cupid arrows, 2 cake, 4 obsidian, 44 red clay, 7 blue clay, 5 black clay, 13 red mushroom blocks, 1 SSRCMegaMAll head, 1 horse egg. Also yo skareCboi , thanks too :p
    ArkWarrior1= 5,000 rupees
    PenguinNub= 178 melon slices, 4 enchanted golden apples, Feather Falling IV book,
    Candlewax= 40 prismarine blocks, 3,438 rupees, 1 ender eye, 6 emeralds, 6 glowstonedust, 64 wheat, 30 redstone, 1 splash potion of poison, 42 iron ingots, 455 Jungle wood planks, 571 spruce wood planks, 171 oak wood planks, 70 Birch wood planks, 76 darkoak wood planks
    Ania7722= 2 emeralds, 2 cupid arrows, 1 dragon stone frag. 61 xp bottles, 16 coal, 1 diamond sword
    EndDestroyer360= 5,500 rupees, 64 emeralds, 32 Cupid Arrows, 1 Dragon stone, Protection IV book, Feather Falling IV book, Power II, Flame I,
    Summer_Rainbow= Cupid Bow & 2 stacks of Cupid Arrows
    HxCami10= Diamond Sword, and 7 "Totally not a Cami helmet" diamond helmets.
    Scampi7c= 1 saddle, 5 mooshroom eggs, 4 fireworks rockets, 1 music disc- C418-cat, 3 blaze rods, 10 pink tulips, 8 rosebushes, 134ssorted colored carpets, 20 quartz slabs
    enty_crab= 2 potions of healing, 1 potion of fire resistance 3:00
    zSoobie= Marlix bow (slightly used) 19 diamond blocks, 21 lapis, set of starter armor (over half used) Iron boots with protection III, Iron boots with Prot.IV & depth strider III, Iron helm prot.III & aqua affinity, Diamond sword sharp II, Diamond axe eff.II, 500 rupees
    AyanamiKun/Esselem= Cupid bow
    Aurum196= Nether Star, Marlix boots, Marlix bow, 500 rupees
    XxfailmuchxX= 5.000 rupees
    Killshot18= 100 rupees
    thatsillyjohnkid= 100 rupees
    crystaldragon13= 3,000 rupees and her head
    SkeleTin007= 2 "feast of Kings" promo papers
    xHaro_Der= 100,000 rupees
    Dufne= Unused Dasher egg
    Super10n= 10,000 rupees
    dshadowx1= 42 Iron ingots, Cupid box, 6 golden swords
    Hashhog= 3 of his heads, 5 signatures, 1 Marlix bow

    Anonymous= 1 avalauncher, 2 enraged guardian eggs

    Steamboatwilly= 1 iron voucher, several spring wingding event books, a surprise game ^^ and more!
    Tenoc for building the parkour courses ;)
    Quartzic for help with everything!

    Edited: 4-5-16
  4. Sounds like a whole bunch of fun! :D and the post looks really organized and well designed Kytula ^.^
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  5. I'm there! :)
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  6. I'll be there! Looking forward to the parkour, make sure to get that ladder parkour in lol
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  7. I'll try to be there! You chose a great time!
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  8. Count me in :)
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  9. Thanks! I'll try to be there!
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  10. I'm SO glad! ^_^ I was worried about posting this event so far in advance at first. But wiser players then I persuaded me to do it. I'm glad I did now!
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  11. Calendar and spreadsheet is now updated
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  12. If I remember I'll attend :D
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  13. Ay, event on my birthday! ^-^
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  14. Cool. I'll be attending. ;)
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  15. I'll totally be there. Thanks for this event Kytula! Sounds like there is tonnes of fun to be had!
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  16. I hope to make it Kytula!
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  17. I'll see if I can make it!
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  18. This sounds great kytula :D
    I'll try and get on and see if I can give ha anything later today ;)

    I'll try and be there at the party good luck with setting it up ;)
  19. Awesome to see so many rsvp'ing already! I'm hoping to get organized well enough in advance to maybe make it on the front page :D
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  20. not sure if i'll be able to comme
    but this looks like an awesome event and i really look forward to it :p
    also: i'll look true my stuff and see if i can donate something :)
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