[EVENT]Spring Cleaning - drop party 40DC's

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  1. so im going to do some spring cleaning from my chests.
    i have way to many chest.. with way to much stuff i dont even use. ever.

    so i am inviting to a drop party og spring cleaning..

    want to join me? want to get rid of some stuff, and want it in this drop party.. just message me, ill include you

    Where .. ill include that later.
    When Saturday 18th of April at 17:00 server time.

    Well spring cleaning has given well. i am up to 40 DC's of items.. i hope to see alot of people there :)

    The Drop party is at 12181 on smp 6!
  2. Cool
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  3. Sounds fun! I'll try to make it ;)
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  4. Can u make it a little later?
    And what types of stuff will be there?
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  5. no i cant make it later cause its allready quite late for me in iceland :D
    random stuff. nothing over the top important like promos.
    not more like stuff i have been collecting and hording in chests for months, dont use.
    and id rather see somone use/own/have it than having it staying in my chests..

    so its litterally a Spring Cleaning
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  6. just gona bump this real quick
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  7. I got a place i pmed u over the form.
  8. Sounds fun, D. I'll try to make it. :)
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  9. Awesome! I'll be there!!