[EVENT] Spring 2022 - Bunny Corp.

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  1. Spring is here and Bunny Corp. needs your help to get ready for Easter! Type /games and step on the teleport to get started!

    Everyone who completes the event will receive the Bunny Family Boots as a special prize. After talking to Mr. Bunny, click on the sign to claim your reward!

    What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

    Happy Easter!
  2. Nice! I was just wondering if there was going to be an event.
  3. This looks great!
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  4. Cool! Would like to hop again into emc
    Edit: The event have tons of fun! Thanks
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  5. So after doing this event, my one critique is it's a little... too long. Finding the pages would have been enough, the maze on top made it about an hour plus to get the promo
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  6. +0.02 raw speed is no small speed increase and a build team event is always a blast... sign me up!

    if i manage to get online at all to interact with this event...
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  7. Last year, the finish time was similar (at least for me), but the event could be finished in 6 minutes (or less) in a speed run (one of the coolest parts of these events).

    I can’t wait to try out this event when I can be online in 5 hours! :D

    And the roads are two-lane one-ways again (I told Moogle >:( and khixan said “join the build team to fix it” — I thought she was joking) :p
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  8. I really really enjoyed this event! :D It was the right balance of frustrating with fun... thanks so much Build Team and Happy Easter everyone :)
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  9. I'm down to clown. See ya'll in a few. Nice job!!! Thank you for being so awesome!
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  10. Thanks for the event BT!! It was a ton of fun :D
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  11. Build Team(and everyone else involved) for the win again! Thank you!!
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  12. PSA -- in the basement, there is a bunny that says something like, "Thank you for finding me! Here is my badge." You don't get the badge along with the message, like with the other ones. You have to go a little closer to get it. I spent 30+ minutes trying to figure this out.

    Overall, it was a great event. I like continuity with things, so it was nice to see that this event was continued from the last one. :)
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  13. Thank you to all involved setting up the event. That was good fun!

    (Thanks to everyone for the hints too!) :D
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  14. Thank you for the fun and creative build!
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  15. I gave up because I died too many times. So, no promo for me. :(
  16. oof dis event tho easy i dit it in 9minits 20seconds if any 1 needs help i can help
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  17. Elfin said that it will be available in the shopworld
  18. Yeah, but shopworld is too expensive. So, still no promo for me.
  19. if you would like help making it through the event just let me know :)
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  20. Aaaaaa, I'm so excited!! How long will the event be available?
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