[EVENT] Spookfest!

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What's a good time for you?

2:00 PM emc time 3 vote(s) 13.0%
3:00 PM emc time 0 vote(s) 0.0%
4:00 PM emc time 4 vote(s) 17.4%
5:00 PM emc time 3 vote(s) 13.0%
6:00 PM emc time 13 vote(s) 56.5%
  1. Halloween!
    It's that time of year when the ghouls and goblins come out and the cheesy horror movies are played continuously! I can almost smell the festivity in the air and want you all to celebrate it with me!

    When and Where?
    The event will take place a week before Halloween on Saturday, October 24th. It will start at /v 18435 but will be a multi-res event with later locations being announced at the event.

    Whats all at this event?
    Well as you all may be wondering, what's going to be at this event? You can expect the following with
    some surprise additions here and there!
    Pumpking Spleef- spleef with pumpkin blocks
    Maze- Be the first to get through a maze but with a twist...
    Bat capture- creature capture but a whole lot more challenging
    Trivia- Be the first to answer questions to win rupees and other prizes
    Drop Party- Small but still somthing

    What are the prizes?
    I am still gathering items left and right and trying to expand upon the "loot pool". I can guarantee a diamond supporter voucher, gold supporter voucher, iron supporter voucher, 200,000r, and all of what's in the chest below but anything past that is dependent on donations and if I can get my hands on anything else before the event! :D

    How can I donate?
    If you'd like to donate you can either throw items into the donate box at /v 19059, /mail them to me or ChickenButler, or send rupees directly to me. If you'd like to be publicly be mentioned please inform me so I know who and who not to add. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!! :D

    What are the rules?
    There's a couple rules you will be asked to follow if you attend the event.
    1. Please use /c r or /c l during the actual event itself
    2. Any destroying of a res without permission will get you res banned
    3. Cheating in any way, form, or fashion will also get you res banned. I will be more specific at the event on the rules per game but most of it should be common sense.
    4. Don't be rude/disrespectful. If I see you being rude to each other I will give you a warning and if you continue to do so I will res ban you from the events and depending on how rude you are, report you.
    5. Have fun! I'm doing this for you guys and I really want to be a special event. I will try and get everyone that shows up something! :D
  2. Prizes!

    1st place- Diamond Supporter Voucher (Won by faith2002)
    2nd place- Full Marlix armor set (Helmet, Chestplate, Pants, and Boots) (Won by CyborgTed)
    3rd place- 100,000r (Won by pterojackdyl)

    Pumpkin Spleef:
    Winner- Iron supporter voucher (Won by xHaro_der)

    Bat Capture:
    10,000r per bat plus any additional drop party items

    5,000r per question plus any additional drop party items

    Mystery Event:
    1st place- Gold Voucher (Won by xHaro_der)
    2nd place- Marlix Bow (Won by CyborgTed
    3rd place- 50,000r (Won by HoopsMcCann)
    4th place- 25,000r (Won by jewel king)
    5th place- 25,000r (Won by ObscureGolem)
    6th place- 15,000r (Won by DavetheWaffle)
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  3. I'll donate 50k, hope I can join you on the 24th!
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  4. Sweet! I can make it!
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  5. I'll be able to attend...
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  6. I'll definitely look forward to this! :D
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  7. I'll do my best to come! :)
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  8. Thanks to JMB6362 with a donation of 50,000r and BeNub with a donation of a cupid bow and a nether star! :)

    Forgot to mention, ChickenButler will be co-hosting this with me.
  9. I will come indeedly!
    This event sounds awesome :D
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  10. *looks at chest* I will be here :O
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  11. Thanks to PenguinDJ with a donation of 8 dragon stones, a stable voucher, and a marlix leggings!

    Fun fact: Although it was not intended, someone on smp9 pointed out that the day of the event will be my 666th day. Pretty cool it worked out that way. :D
  12. Ill try to come :)
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  13. That is a very sexy prize pool you have there Sir
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  14. Looks like the event is going to be at 6:00 pm emc time! Prizes are soon to be finalized so if you'd like to make any donation please do so before Thursday October 22nd. :)
  15. Darn, i can only do 2-3 :(
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  16. Hopefully the event is still going around 6:30-7! :)
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  17. Explanation of the celebration!
    Pumpkin Spleef- 1 level spleef will be played on an empty res. Destroy will be turned on when pumpkin spleef begins but any destroying of non pumpkin objects or use of tools (no matter the type) will result in a res ban and possible disqualification for the rest of the celebration.

    Maze- Players will race through a 2 layer maze with the objective in mind to find 11 rooms (5 bottom maze, 6 top maze) through the maze and retrieve a paper from each room. The players will then make their way to the 11th room in which a teleport sign will be leading them to the final room. First one to make it to the final room with all 11 papers, wins. There will also be a 2nd and 3rd place for this event to offer more opportunities to win. NOTE: Each paper will be named MR-(#1-11). All papers of first through third place will be checked with /itemhistory to see if they are authentic. If the papers aren't authentic you will be disqualified from the rest of the maze event but not excluded from the rest of the celebration.

    Bat capture- Through-out a ginormous, oh and I mean ginormous, house 10 bats will be spawned. Players will then be released into the house with the eggify flag set to true. The bats will be fairly spread out to try and ensure 10 different players each get a bat. Each bat will be renamed eight random numbers and letters. Upon capture/eggification you will then mail the bats to me (I will cover costs, no worries) so I can check their authentication through /itemhistory.
    Once again if the bat isn't authentic, you will be excluded from the rest of the bat capture.

    Trivia- Not much to explain upon this besides to expect a minimum of 20 questions. Some hints on what to expect on the questions is random emc wiki facts, Titans football facts, and facts on inventions from the 1800s to 2000s. Of course this isn't all there will be but those three will be the main focus. Just to avoid any possible confusion, the first one to respond with the correct answer will win the prize for that question.

    Drop party- Upon brainstorming how to get everyone a prize, we came up with the solution to have a everyone get a piece of the prize pool. After pumpkin spleef has been handled I will give out a res #. The res will have around 60 chests set up along with a redstone contraption to allow only one person to a box. After everyone has picked a box, access signs will be set up allowing people access to the chest they are with. What's in the chest is yours to keep! Prices range anywhere from 32 gold blocks to a 2014 Turkey Slicer! All left over prizes will be given out during Bat Capture and Trivia and if nothing is left over then each question/bat will be worth ~ 10k.

    Prizes- Me and Butler are currently finalizing the prizes and splitting them up for pumpkin spleef, maze, and the mystery event. Once we are done (shouldnt take too long) it'll be edited into the reserved post! :)

    Here's the schedule for tomorrow: Remember, it starts at 6:00 PM emc time!
    1. Pumpkin Spleef at /v 18435
    2. Drop party
    3. Maze
    4. Bat Capture
    5. Trivia
    6. Mystery Race (Details will be revealed after trivia)!
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :D
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  18. You can't eggify bats.
  19. You can in town.
  20. oh.