{EVENT} Something Fishy "Survival" with BreezyMan

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  1. What: Something Fishy - "Survival"!!!
    When: Tonight at 9:00 pm EMC time!
    Where: SMP 6 /Waste C (Then head West to the swamp)
    This is a player event host by me, BreezyMan
    Location: Smp6 waste central in the swamp to the west
    Central co-cords are -130, +31, 64

    I'm going to be hosting a fishing event in the waste. I'm gonna do this every other Sunday as I can. I will be picking a random server's waste by an area somewhere near a river, lake or ocean or newly a swamp today. The times may vary in the future so that others across the globe can participate in it too. You are welcome to build, mine, or fish.
    Just come prepared to defend our village from the dark nights!

    Bring survival gear and plan to build a fishing village complete with fishing docks and all! This is a small twist on Miner Mania. Group picture during the event so I can post it here. Build a fishing village in the waste and having fun fishing. Bring building material and gear or live off the land survival style. That's up to you. It's nasty out there this time of year with all the holiday crazy mobs so be prepared.
  2. Bump it up. Come join us.
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  3. I will grab my gear!
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  4. I shall try to be there
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  5. Pictures of the event are coming soon as I get home from work today...? It was a great event with a great bunch of people that came out and did some awesome builds. I had to leave but a bunch were still out there playing. I kept hearing the group chat in town as I was finishing things. And they where having a blast. It's late on a Sunday and I have to wake at 4 am. omg. But I learned how to fly again thanks to jewel_king. "I believe I can fly... I can believe I can touch the sky.." Sorry. Had a great time tonight and pics coming.... of the group photos and the builds.
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  6. Ok... KatydidBuild had the best group photo but here are some of the builds out there...

    Was a great event. Another one coming soon earlier in the day for friends not in the states. I post the next info soon.
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  7. I started a small mine out here to find coal I forgot to bring with me for the event... I am making this place where I built a base to do some strip mining down there. I learned of enraged silverfishes down there now. Nasty little buggers. I was close to death before I kept jumping up and placing blocks under me. and then I capture him and enclosed him. he can stay there forever. lol. I hear him every-time I walk down that main shaft under me. :eek: Now I saw a bar for a Sorgina. Not sure I want to deal with that witch yet. I did read about her. :p

  8. Better view of the "chicken's roost and fishy platform"
    No likey the dying from mobs whilst fishy!

    (not ghast proof)
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