[EVENT] Solve puzzles for 2 million rupees!

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  1. the event is over, congrats to Progryck for solving all of the puzzles.

    if you are interested in the answers to the puzzles they can all be found here

    original OP:

    Hello people.

    There are puzzles available to be solved at /v 18351 on SMP9.

    Being the first person to solve all of the puzzles and contact myself + BlueShinobiXIII with the final phrase will win 2 million rupees.

    These puzzles will be made easier in slight ways every 24 hours*, starting from when this post was made.

    *Up until we feel the puzzles are becoming too simple and no longer puzzles.

    All other information you will need can be found here.

    Good luck.

    Also Blue said to make the thread cute so here's some cats
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  2. nobody has beaten the event yet, still 2 mil to be claimed
  3. Can contestants open litigation against puzzle masters for unbearable emotional stress stemming from impossible challenges
  4. talk to my lawyers
  5. I gave this a shot and gave up. Good luck to anybody else who attempts.