[EVENT] Snowshoe Village Chest Hunt

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  1. Take a trip on the Empire Express to the cozy Snowshoe Village! There are 25 hidden chests waiting for you, so grab your hot cocoa and search high and low.

    Be sure to choose wisely, as you may only claim 15 chests! The chests that are considered well-hidden will give you better rewards.

    Go to /event to start your chest hunt!

    Enjoy the event and Happy Holidays!

    *Note that the event is not available on SMP3 at this time. Please switch to a different SMP to enjoy the event.
  2. Note. That the message when claiming the chests is going to report one less than the number you have claimed. Oops! My fault.

    Example. This message happens on the first claim.
  3. may I ask how long it is expected to be available?
    Currently travelling/visiting family, and I am not sure I will be able to play before the second week of January.

    that happens if you code too much and you forget that counting does not always start at 0 :D
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  4. Once again BT has come through with another fun build. I am enjoying myself thoroughly exploring all around and have managed to find at least one well hidden chest. :rolleyes: My friend PopTart found a fun room too. I'm sure there's more to be discovered and I'm here for it! =D
  5. I should be on for this! :)
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  6. We haven't decided on any dates. But we will try and leave all Christmas promos and this event up at least through Mid-Late January. Minimally January 15th. Probably 22nd though.
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  7. The map is beautiful. It's a lot of fun so thank you to all involved.

    So far I've only found twelve chests but I'll keep looking. :)
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  8. Just finished finding all 25 chests. Very sneeeeeeaaky on a few of those. ;)
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  9. Amazing build as usual, great job by the BT on delivering yet another fantastic project. I'm sure it's not intentional, but why do the prizes get worse and worse each year?

    It doesn't even seem like it has any promos in the loot pool at all. In years gone by we've had at least marlix gear, and even a whole lot better like the santa/elf hats, steel and witch gems.

    The promos were more valuable than the netherite/gapples given, and they even appreciate over time which made the event so much more exciting.
  10. Because it's not a profit centre. It's a fun event with some prizes. I found some enchanted apples, netherite items/ingots and a few beacons. Luck of the draw. Suppost to be a fun thing.
  11. It is supposed to be a showcase of the buildteam's effort but I do agree that some better prizes would make it more memorable. When I first came to emc jan 2021, during that scav hunt I remember jumping onto the back of the dog and getting 4 witch's gems, which was very exciting. Also led to my first-ever forum post, haha


    But it is what it is--I also think the birch sapling promo is a little underwhelming, especially if every year now is going to be a different tree every 4 hours...but it's EMC :p At this point I play for the community, ya know
  12. A chest hunt of previous years would get the semi active players online and having a good time, look out how quiet the server is with very little mention of the event.

    You can appreciate the fun of the build while also questioning why they can't make the prizes a bit more fun too.
    This is constructive criticism to make a fun event more fun. Pretending everything is perfect is never a good way to improve anything, for a good example see EMC.
  13. I'm glad that you all have enjoyed the build! Thanks for the feedback - noted for next year. :)
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  14. Khixan (one of our two Build Team leaders) is currently a popsicle with no internet and I've *so far* managed to convince her not to harness the power of MoreMoople trying to stay warm. Her heater is borked atm so we'll see if that remains the case.

    She did ask me to relay to the community (paraphrasing) that she hopes y'all enjoyed this year's winter chest hunt event and that she wishes y'all the happiest of holiday seasons for you.
  15. That was really pleasant and fun, thank you. :D
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  16. There is a lot to explore in this build. Awesome job Build Team and anyone else involved. :)

  17. Probably a good idea. Lord knows we can barely handle one pyromaniac... can't imagine we'd survive if another got added to the mix. :p

    As for this event, I'll probably hop over to Utopia for it, since I'm in the midst of building the Titanic over on 3 (that, and my residence of Mandalore is on Utopia).
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  19. Awesome build, thank you build team. I found a secret chest but unfortunately i didn't record the location and its been lost to me... lol, It's a fun event. I did get a Samuel Aberg - 5 disk which looks like it came from an Ancient City.
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  20. Great Event! Thank you all. Our kids are loving it!
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