[ EVENT ] Smp5's award ceremony

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  1. There are people out there on Emc that have created amazing things, I think they deserve to be awarded for making Emc a better place. So i have decided to make a award ceremony for all those on my home smp, smp5. The categories are:
    Theme Park
    Community Build
    Reply Down Below With The Res Number And Category you Are Entering.
    The prize will be a promo.
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  2. Note: Please only enter if the residence is on smp5
  3. res number 11390- categorie: shop
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  4. Since it's on Smp5. Res Number: 10008 Category: Community Build
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  5. 10117-Shop
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  6. K have checked out all entries entered so far and this is what my 'table' looks like so far:
    Shop: shavingfoam and gunthro
    Community: Dwight5273
  7. Address 10225: The Wooden Fortress
    Category: Shop

    In between the Orange and Yellow portals, there's 3 more places to check out:

    Horse Race Track
    Bulk Buying Center
    Horse Pen

    You can also look outside of a shop window and you can see the large garden all closed in by a stone brick wall.
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  8. I found it
  9. Here are some of my favorites:

    Shop - 10664
    Mall - 10117, 10498
    Garden - 11016, 10026
    House - 11015, 10087, 10853
    Community - 11288, 10316
  10. Lots of suggestions :) Thank you
  11. Another Note: This will happen monthly unless told overwise
  12. i have community utilities at 11070 and if you want to help me with the mall i will soon be opening at 10648 i think it was come to /v 11071 and msg me what you want to build and i will see if i need it and now i relized i turned this into my own thread story lol so my mall will be located at /v 10648 and anyone want to help out contact me on the forums or on the game so this is not all about me #Keeplovinsquids
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  13. the writing doesn't matter but i love that video i love dbz its awesome lol
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  14. So:
  15. Im not on smp5 :(
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  16. New category due to popular demand! The new category is:
    Awesome builds
  17. 11020- mall
    11016-awesome build
    11015, 10890, 10891, and 11014 -awesome build (connected)
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  18. Res number: 10783 Categorie: Theme park :)
    Res number: 11313 Categorie: Community build
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  19. Community build 11387
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  20. The 'table' now looks like:
    Shop: gunthro, rburke5786 and Mighty_qWan
    Mall: shavingfoam and Wassatthen
    Community: Dwight5273, Woolmart and EMC_ROCKS
    Garden: Dwight5273
    House: Damiensmom11
    Awesome build: Haerhitman, PalmSugar and Strawberries4me
    Tell me if i have missed someone
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