[Event] Slvr's Summer Bash!

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  1. Slvr's Summer Birthday Bash!

    I have been on EMC for almost an entire year! It has been a great ride, from my joining on SMP2, to my move to SMP8, and all the great friends I have made along the way! To share the love I feel the Empire has shown me, I want to give a fun event back.

    This is a birthday event, which will last quite a while. There will be several things in this event. Such as:

    • An epic drop party!

    • A scavenger hunt for glorious prizes...

    • Story hunt

    • Wasteland build battle

    • Horse race!
    Drop Party: A dispenser-controlled drop party in which I will be dropping rare items, a few promos, heads, precious ores, and much more! This will be the first part of the event.

    Scavenger Hunt: Hunt through my party residence for Access chests that contain signed books by me! These books will contain a number inside of them. That is the number of rupees the book is worth! Mail the book to me, and I will pay you the amount the book says. This will be the second part of the event, and will run alongside the story hunt.

    Story Hunt: My party residence is special.... If you can explore the residence and accurately piece together its story, you could win a day of 1/2 off prices at my store on /v 16082! This means that if you piece together this story and I tell you you are the winner, I will mail you a signed book. This book is your ticket! Simply mail the book back to me the day you want to validate it, and you can have a shopping spree at my upcoming mall. I will pay you back half of the rupees you spend then, but only for that ONE day. This will be the second part of the event, and will run simultaneously with the scavenger hunt.

    Wastelands Build Battle: A themed building contest in the wastelands... Theme will be decided at the time of the event. Builds will be judged by three different players agreeing with one another. NOTE: If you are interested in being a build battle judge, let me know! You will not be able to participate in the build battle if you do, however. Winner of the build battle will also get a day of half off shopping at my /v 16082 mall. This will be the fifth part of the event.

    Horse Race: Some horse racing just for fun! No rewards for this one (this part of the event will be a sort of "intermission," allowing players to leave if they need to, do other business if necessary, etc, etc). Horses will be provided at the event so as not to cause unfair advantages (i.e., all horses will have the same speed) However, you may bring your own horses and simply ride around and play while this 'intermission' occurs. This will be the fourth part of the event.

    Since this is such a massive event, I can only say that it will start at 2 PM, July 23rd, Saturday, 2016. I don't know when it will end. The event will be held for the most part on /v 16306. Make sure to save the date!

    Can't come to the event? Or maybe you just aren't interested. Either way, that's perfectly fine! However, I would love donations of any kind! These can be items or rupees. However, if you do want to make a rupee donations, please pay EveryoneIsANub - NOT ME. Item donations can be sent through /mail (I will pay you back the fee for the mailing), or by meeting up with me in-game (you can also PM me here on the forums to let me know!).

    Questions? Concerns?
    Just post below and I will let you all know. Similarly, if the date changes for any reason, I will let you all know long beforehand. Do not try to visit /v 16306 yet - move flag is turned off. Please do not try to visit its neighboring residences with hopes of seeing hidden things before they become hidden. Be fair!
    Also, yes, this is probably going to be a very long event. That way even if you miss, say, the drop party, you can still be there for more fun! This is not an event designed for you to be there all day, but more to give everyone a chance to at least have a little fun. :D

    SBB2 is my alternate account and SlvrBuildsBlocks is my old username. I made the reservation on the events calendar while I still had that name.
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  2. Here are details on some of the games that will happen during the event. You must READ these. If you do not read them here, I will be repeating them in game, however, it would streamline the event a lot if you simply read through some of this yourself. Thank you!

    Drop Party
    Starts: 2:15 PM EMC time
    The drop party is controlled by a very fast redstone clock wired to the droppers placed in the roof of the room. During this event, I will be in the roof ensuring the droppers stay full. While I love to give out items, please note I only have about a double chest and a little more of items to hand out. If you do not get something, you will have opportunities during the story/scavenger hunt. If you don't get something for whatever reason throughout the entirety of my party, I am sorry, but I cannot make exceptions to give you an item. Please do not hound me if this is the case for you. <3

    Scavenger/Story Hunt
    Starts: 2:45 EMC Time (Estimated)
    The scavenger and story hunt will run simultaneously together, at the same time, as they take place in the same area. First, you will need to hunt around the residence for a teleport sign. This sign will take you to the starting point for the "hunting" area. For the scavenger hunt part, you will be looking for hidden chests containing books signed by me that have instructions inside of them. For the story hunt part, you will be looking at signs. The signs in the hunting area describe a story. Piece together the story these signs are telling first (including the beginning, middle, and end) and you will win a 1/2 off shopping spree at my mall (I will mail you a book with instructions on how this will work). If you have additional questions, please post in this thread, or wait until the event - I can answer during then, too.

    Wastelands Build Battle
    Starts: 3:30 EMC Time (Estimated)
    The build battle will occur around an area of my choosing that I will announce at /v 16306 before we leave to go there. The build battle's theme will be announced then as well. Now, this is the wastelands. I can't control where you build, what you build with, or whether you gather materials or not, obviously. However, there will be rules.

    1. You may only use materials you gather in the wastelands DURING THIS TRIP. That means that when you step foot off the outpost, you may not have any building blocks, decoration items, or anything that is not tools or armor or food on you. The only exceptions to this are ores. You may bring up to a stack of any ore (coal, iron ingot, gold ingot, emerald, diamond, redstone dust, lapis lazuli, quartz blocks (quarts is the ONLY ONE you may bring in block form)). You may NOT bring these ores in block format (except for quartz). You may mine during the resource gathering part of the event, but bringing some of these materials if you wish to use them is recommended.
    2. There will be a chest for every participating player with "bonus items" in them. You may use these items in your build freely.
    3. The first hour of this event will be resource gathering. This means you may use this hour to collect materials you want to make your build. The second half will also be an hour long, and is the time you will use to make your build.
    4. I will have spare tools/armor, and there will be food farms. However, please - PLEASE - bring your own food, armor, and tools to start with. These are meant to be backups in case yours break. If your armor and/or tools break, or you run out of food, please PM me or any of the judges.
    5. You MUST join the group. There will be a group set up during this event, and the group's overall difficulty will be set to 5. This is vanilla playing standards. It is asked that you turn off miniboss and enraged spawns. Again, I cannot enforce that you turn these options off, but it would be greatly appreciated! <3
    6. Failure to comply with anything above obviously cannot result in any punishment against you. The only punishment is that you will be disqualified, or lose the opportunity to win the prizes:

    1st Place: 10k + Any leftover materials, and a 1/2 off shopping spree at /v +sbb
    2nd Place: 7.5k + any leftover materials
    3rd Place: 5k + any leftover materials
    Everyone else: You of course get to keep your leftover materials, it's not like I can take them from you, haha.

    NOTE - I am NOT responsible for the level of equipment you have. This is your notice to work on getting better gear or tools. I will be providing some at the event, but there is no guarantee I will have enough for everyone. I know these are a lot of rules, and I'm sorry. But running this in the wastelands is, believe it or not, the easiest place to do it and the most unobstructed. Every participating member will have a locked chest that only the judges (one of which being me) will have access to. Similarly, if two hours is too long to be involved with the build battle, theoretically there will be enough items in your locked chest to at least make something. <3
    Also, please sign up for the build battle using the form on post: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-slvrs-summer-bash.64517/#post-1196911

    Horse Racing!
    Starts: You can do this any time during the event.
    Purely for fun horse races. Bring your own horses, or opt to use some of mine! There are no rewards for this one. But you may race your friends and have fun doing this if you don't quite feel like doing the other events, or if you can only stay for a short time. If any sort of problem rises, you may PM me during the event.

    If you have any questions, PLEASE ask, and I will try and clear it up as much as I can. I will also give information during the event. This is going to be a long, but fun day! Even if you can't stay during the whole event, you can at least catch a little fun! I posted the estimated start times for each event. This means you may catch one event in particular, and you do not have to stay the whole time to be involved. Let's have fun with this!
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  3. EPIC I hope to be there
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  4. I plan to be there too Slvr my enderbuddy :)
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  5. Should be able to come!
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  6. Hope to see you all there too! ^^
  7. i can't come but save me something :)
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  8. I should be able to come! I can't wait!
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  9. I think I can go! :p I can't wait
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  10. Bumper stickers
  11. I MAY Be able to make it.. If nothing comes up. I hope i can make it!
    Happy 1 year on EMC! ;-]
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  12. Thank you! :D It truly has been awesome...
  13. Bump!
    Been a while since I bumped this but still relevant. Party is coming up! Tell anyone you think may be interested. :D
  14. Sounds So Cool! I hope to be able to be there! Early Happy 1 Year!
  15. I'll be there BOI since you joined like less than a month after me
    Make sure to come to my event in a few days
  16. what does it mean when someone says bump?
  17. It means they are replying to the thread for the sole purpose for the thread to be seen by more people and/or so the thread becomes active again
  18. Update time!
    Please ensure you have read -

    If you are interested in participating in the build battle, please post and say so! Otherwise, you may not be able to participate (or at the least, it'll make things a lot more difficult). This ensures I get you your locked bonus box and materials, and that you are eligible to win!