[Event] Skin Contest

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  1. Hey Empire!

    I've been wanting to have my own original skin for a while, one that's no where else, and I cannot seem to make one. Therefore, a skin contest was born.

    The Goal
    Create a completely original skin of a penguin DJ. It's up to you how this is done. Also, I like this shade of green (hint, hint).

    The Rules
    This must be a skin by you. Links to skins made by others is not allowed.
    You have unlimited entries, but please don't spam.
    I would prefer if you upload your entries to imgur.com, but anything that gets it to me is fine.

    Time Limit

    The time will expire 14 days from the time this thread is posted. However, I can end it early if I need to.

    The winner will get 7,500 rupees.

    I think this is it for the info. I look forward to seeing the creative skins the great people of EMC can come up with.

  2. Its a great idea, except for the penguin DJ part, a lot less people will enter, since they have to start from scratch instead of showing or the stellar skin they already have. I know my current skin is self made, I would enter if it didnt have to be specifically a penguin dj.
  3. This is totally not a bump!
  4. I'm working on one right now, you will not be disapointed
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  5. I could probably do 1, but I have no idea how to do a beak.
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  6. what is your second favorite color?
  7. I finished it but not quite dure how to upload it
  8. Working on one, I hope you'll like it :)
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  9. Eh, I'll give it a shot.
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  10. This is totally not a bump!
  11. Making a skin now.
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  12. Ill see if I can make a good one :)
  13. Hehhhhheheheheh
    *Evil laugh of creation time*
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  14. Well this sounds like fun count me in!
  15. Upload the file as .png
    or upload to imgur for veiwing
  16. I pmed him a imgur file a week ago...
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  17. ok, :p
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  18. Did you make a skin?
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  19. Maybe i will.