[Event] Shell's 1 year celebration treasure hunt

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What kind of price would you like more?

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A (random) promo 2 vote(s) 22.2%
Rupees 7 vote(s) 77.8%
  1. Hi gang!

    Time to make this official. I've been working out some ideas, then getting distracted, then ending up with LBoss, Aya and/or other friends in the waste (or worse, lol!) and eventually even managed to "abduct" Aya to the SMP4 Frontier so that she had no way to even remotely help me work on this (I'll give you guys one small hint: one part of the event will be held on one of Aya's residences (and thanks again for doing that Aya!)).

    In the mean time we're also approaching my 1 year anniversary which I am SO much celebrating so yeah, then I figured I should make it easier on myself and just combine the two. This gives me at least 1 more whole month to prepare all this and we'll get two birds with one voucher ;)

    The event: Me celebrating my 1 year anniversary on Empire Minecraft (and darn proud of that too!).
    What to do: This has already been determined: an in-game treasure hunt of some sorts ;)
    When: 12th of December, 2015. (New date!)
    Where: My res., Aya's res., maybe some other res. and just maybe even a part of the wasteland. It won't be too easy :)


    It'll cost you exactly 0r to enter this contest :D (with thanks to ww2 & builder for pointing this out! :oops:).


    Obviously this is what matters most eh? ;) Anyway, after I did my "followers appreciation event" I ended up with plenty of left overs. You guessed it: those haven't been touched and are all still there. Including at least 2 cool promo's. I'll add pictures later.

    Next I decided to add a mystery price as well. I'll give you a hint (and if you think you know please don't share it or use a [spoiler] tag if you do)... It is something many people have been asking me for and something which doesn't yet exist on the Empire :cool:


    I don't need 'm but they are always appreciated. But the reason I mention it here is because our own CadenMann has donated 5k (!) to the treasure hunt already some time ago (don't think I had forgotten about that!). Now it's finally time to put those rupees to good use.

    I'm not sure how yet but most likely I'll use a small portion of it to buy some materials from other players (= keeping the rupees into the community a bit and also involving said community) and the rest will either be used to add yet another cool (promo) prize or to simply add a rupee prize.

    In fact... why don't you guys decide? Please fill out the poll :)

    I'll be adding some more teasers and (maybe) useful hints in the upcoming weeks. So be sure to keep your eyes pealed because one of those tips might actually be something which could help you get the edge over your adversaries :)
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  2. Cool! I look forward to this :)
  3. Looking forward to this man ;)
  4. whoa!! @!! and rupees riuppppess 39949959 rupees
  5. Uh oh guys, its gonna cost us, naw naw just kidding.
    May want to fix that Shel ;)
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  6. Ninja'd
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  7. Ok, so here is a first look at the sorted out (but not complete!) prizepot:

    I'm still working on the actual sorting, my aim is to go for 3 places which all win prizes. And I'm also going to add more stuff to it: bit more valuables, vault vouchers and maybe a some Obsidian & Monument blocks too. Edit: The two bows are promos btw: the Cupid bow & Meteor bow. Both will have some shiny arrows and the meteor bow will also have some Empire Fireworks.

    If you look closely however you'll notice that there is also a special prize to be won: the only ShelLuser head in existence on EMC:


    This will remain extremely rare since I haven't changed my opinion on not dropping my head. There is a small chance that I'll donate another one to a certain museum (haven't decided yet) but other than that there won't be any more.
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  8. mien
  9. Shell is a pig in disguise...
  10. Sooo.... The building and preparing is in full progress (not every moment of course, there are times when I really don't feel like building).

    However, I postponed the event to the weekend after. Problem is that Monday doesn't always work for me and the overlap with the wasteland reset is a bit difficult too because I'm still toying with the idea of using the wasteland too.

    I also added to the prize pot. I'll share more details later, but rumor has it that a Momentus helmet has also found its way into the prize pot, together with a feast for a king and some other voucher? Hmm, seems I misplaced one of my supporter vouchers :)
  11. Hey congrats to ya my best buddy! I will make the event and make your day epic :p
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  12. For the record: apologies, this thing is delayed a bit. I have some plans, I have stuff somewhat worked out but I've also had some distractions during the past weeks, including moments when I came on playing after work and just didn't feel like doing 'stuff'.

    Update coming soon, prizes will be worth it. Main prize being an iron voucher. Sorry for the delay but yah.. it is coming.