[Event] ShalomOut's 3rd Year of EMC Party!

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  1. Hello Forum lurkers! I am Hosting my 3rd year of EMC party! 3 years of staring at a computer screen playing 1 server on 1 game is a HUGE accomplishment in my opinion!
    one fact about my minecraft life, I only have played on this server actively for over 1 month there are other servers such as [Insert server here] and [Insert other server here] (yes I still follow the rules, I don't like advertising servers) but those servers I don't really play unless for mini games which you know I play those sorts of servers every now and again but... I just went in a rant didn't I? well then...

    Moving on! here is some info about the event!

    Time: 4:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. EMC time on October 30th 2014.

    Place: SMP6, On res 12666 and 12774 (me and my alternate accounts res)

    What is in The event?: Drop party, (over 3 DC's of items that aren't poop! oh boy I may need help with that...) other mini games such as one I am making, Find The Loot (a game where I spread loot such as diamonds around the res (with move perms off for everyone) and people will search for them) and just maybe I can see if we get a mob arena round (?) you never know...



    last not least Special Thanks to Crafteralex101 for helping gather materials, Carmeleon6 fo helping with exterior design and anonymouz710 for allowing me to make The Anon mini mall Run out of stock of glass and stone bricks.
    and colepuncher, MadXavGray for the moral support and helping me get an idea of what to make the place somewhat look like!
    I lied one more picture of the Reses prized possession...

    Derpy The Dragon! (whole under of his wings are red stained glass but firework effect kinda ruined seeing that.)

    Looking Forward to seeing As many as you there as possible
    I have a challenge:
    Lets see if we can all take one massive selfie on the awkward staircase to the second floor!
    and another challenge! lets see if we can fill up ALL of SMP6!
    (may not be a fan of selfies but why not right?)

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  2. Want to join? post a message in this thread about it! I want to know who all will be there!
  3. Derpy the dragon looks derpier than ever lol
  4. one thing I thought I would mention, the main floor will NOT be made of grass. I just haven't decided what to make it yet.
  5. I'll try to be on, but the day doesn't suit my timezone :(
  6. time zone really don't play nice do they? i may change it and add an hour to the party for those people in time zones that don't really match.
  7. I
    I should be able to make it for the 5:00PM to 6:00PM-ish EMC time part of the party :)
  8. I'm always up for a good community event; yeah, I'll be there!
  9. Bump!
    under a month until the party!
  10. BUMP! still trying to get everything done including the drop party items (I want over 3 DC's of them and no none will be dirt or cobble or any of that)

    also I know what the floor is going to be.... but no one else will until they see it or I accidentally post it somewhere... (wait I already did on a recent thread... oops *hint* its lapis lazuli blocks *hint*)
  11. nearly time for the party, just doing some finishing touches and then brainstorming some more ideas!
    yes this is a bump :p
  12. !!!!!! Yay I gave support
  13. Last Minute Bump!!! Party in 1/2 an Hour!
  14. I think i can join unless i have to do something random.
  15. Sorry cant make it, I am doing a ton of stuff around the house, wont be done for a few days, ger
  16. Party starts in 3 minutes!
  17. so not TO many people came, I think like 10 or 12 people came, but we still have a little less than 2 hours left, we have done 2 rounds of minigames, pvp, and I have moved the party to firefloor for round 2 and maybe 3!

    so in other words still plenty of time!

    thanks to everyone who was there from the beginning!
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  18. Noes! Can't make it