[Event] Saturday Night Slayers [PVP]

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Do you plan on attending? (Trying to get a head count)

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  1. Greetings to you all!

    While on the campaign trail, for what would lead me to becoming your EMC Co-President for a day, I brought up the suggestion of incorporating PVP events into the staff events. Yet a friend recently just simply told me “why don’t you just do it?” He was right, so sharpen your blades and arrow tips and dust off your armor.

    We are bringing back to life “in spirit” a part of EMC that has been lost since the days of UHC. Yes you heard it here first this Saturday I will host a whole day long PVP event at the PVP arena on SMP6. I will be hosting continuous PVP events even after the prizes have been given out so stick around and have fun. No matter what your schedule, come on EMC Saturday and get ready to battle!!!

    Since I am not a developer or staff member we are going to have to conduct this event according to an honors system. That being said there will be three games we will play in rotation for this first Saturday Night Slayers and after announcing them I will post the rules and guidelines below. If you do not like the rules or think they should be adjusted make a reply to the specific rule and I will take it into consideration of any suggested revisions (this is a Work In Progress so do not expect everything to go off perfectly but we will certainly have fun nonetheless).






    TDM will last 12 minutes per round

    Before the match you will select either red leather armor and join the red team or you will select blue leather armor and join the blue team.

    I will be recording your names on a spreadsheet so I can track the team deaths and kill counts. The team will the most kills after 12 minutes wins.

    -During the match you have to wear your dyed leather armor at all times. However, you may use whatever tools or weapons you wish -


    KOTH is usually played having the person who has maintained the hill the longest winning but I am evil and like to stress people out so we are not doing that.

    KOTH will be played with whoever was the last sole king wins. So you can easily upset an entire game.

    • If a player is currently challenging (engaged in battle with the koth) when time is called the defending koth wins. If you kill the koth and are immediately challenged and time is called you win.

    • We will play two versions of KOTH

      • No teams KOTH

      • Partner KOTH

    • In partner KOTH you will be in teams of 2. In order to dethrone you must kill both moths of the defending team.
    Using God/Notch apples will not be strictly prohibited because I have no enforcement mechanism but I would strongly discourage their use because the event is much more fun without them.


    With FFA all that you need to do is make sure I know you are in it. The person with most kills after 20 minutes wins.

    Super duper simple and only one rule - No teaming. If caught teaming both players will be disqualified from winning any prizes for the rest of Saturday Night Slayers.

    All FFA's in the spirit of the meaning if the word “free” there will be no restrictions on armor, tools, etc. It's truly meant to be anarchy.

    The only variation that we will play on FFA is Sudden Death - Once you die you are out. Last player standing.


    Prizes will correspond with the match mode and be consistent unless noted otherwise because of a special variation. The rewards will repeat until I go mostly broke.

    1. 5,000r each, Victor Helmets (not a promo), & your names on “Wall of Victors”
    1. 25,000r, Random Promo (choice of three random promos), & your name on “Wall of Victor's
    1. 25000r, Windylava’s (Co-President) head, Sword of Slaying (not a promo), a random promo tool, & you name on “Wall of Victor's
    2. 10000r, random promo, & your name as Honorable mentioned on the “Wall of Victor’s”
    3. 5000r and (TBD)
  2. Looks awesome. Glad to see you taking initiative to bring the events you want to see to life! Hopefully more players follow suit.

    If you haven't already, don't forget to submit your event for the calendar =)
  3. I hope i can come!
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  4. Sweet sauce! Hope i can make it and it sounds awesome.
    Btw, you can allow for PVP to occur on your res? :O I didnt know that, lol
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  5. Thank you!!! Already did submit it!
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  6. I will try to make it! Not sure what is going on this Saturday yet.
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  7. I will also try to make this for it sounds fun
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  8. Dont worry it will be all day!!! Also it is at the PVP arena on SMP6
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  9. Cool, thx
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  10. Will be there if I can... and why the smp6 arena instead of games?
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  11. The SMP6 one is easier to manage. Also I have an affinity for the old PVP arena. It's a preference I suppose. :)
  12. Yeaaaa!!!! <3 I hope to see you both there! <3 remember it is /v pvp on smp6.
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  13. I won't be attending this event, not that I don't like ya Windy but I swore I will not do PvP anymore
  14. Glad to see smp6 getting some action
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  15. Every PVP event has to have some easily killable target for other players to play with. Well, here I am. I'll try to attend as a favor XD
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  16. I am going to be moving the event to Sunday. I am very busy this Saturday and so I will be pushing the event back 24 hours to Sunday March 17th at 2:00pm. Sorry for the inconvience.
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  17. Rip... I’ll be eating lunch at that time...
  18. Is this every Saturday? I'm not going to be in town at all today
  19. I'll try. Sunday is my busy day and I'm not usually on.
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  20. I might see if I can make it cause idk what I have going on