[EVENT] Saturday Night Fun on SMP2!

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  1. Tonight, shortly after the wastelands reset in lieu of the wastelands reset, there will be a few events because it is Saturday =)

    1st Event - Hole in One (held in town) 8:30 pm cdt smp2
    Objective: To Not Die.
    How it is played: The winner of a (guess the number) game, will have to jump from a high point and try to land in a single block of water. Player damage will be turned on. If you survive, you get krysyyjane9191's green head. ( a head may not be rewarded if no one wins)
    Amount of Rounds: 3
    Screenshot at 19-19-13.png

    2nd Event - Pumpkin Party 9:30 pm cdt smp2
    Objective: Find a renamed pumpkin with a code.
    How it is played: A residence will be filled with pumpkins with one renamed amongst the normal ones. Find the special one first and pm krysyyjane9191 the code to win a purple krysyy head.
    Screenshot at 19-19-43.png

    3rd Event - Death by Everything! (smp2) 10:30 pm cdt
    Objective: To Not Die. Also to Have Fun and Try to Gain Tokens.
    How it is played: There will be lots of monsters. Try to survive while killing the mobs that drop tokens amongst their clones that do not. No winners, just fun!
  2. Wow! Can't attend, but still, this is awesome! Thanks! :D
  3. Sounds fun. Wish my minecraft was working so I could participate.
  4. I'm glad Somebody's doing something on Saturdays. Seems like all the events are during the weekdays.
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  5. How long till it starts
  6. about 20 mins until first event
  7. Really looking forward to it :D in about...15 minutes!!! :D
  8. wish I could attend you guys have fun
  9. It's not fun, only 3 people have had fun so far :p
  10. did i win the hole in one event?
  11. so that last fall did'nt count?
  12. you died didn't you?
  13. yea but i made it straight in the hole oh wait nvm i did die :( this sucks
  14. why don't you use the reply button ?