[EVENT] Runarion - Win 200k+ in rupees and promos for solving puzzles.

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    Uh. This is a game I've invented called Runarion.
    So, it's a bit hard to explain, but I'll try anyways.
    Eh? What's that, you say? The goal of this game? To solve all the puzzles, of course!
    Kay, glad that's out of the way. Wait, what's that? You want to know the prizes you can win?
    Eh, not like it's gonna hurt anything if I tell you.
    You can get... *drumroll please* An EMC Birthday Cake.
    Mm? That didn't elicit any response? Toss in an unopened Freedom Blade chest! W
    Ell? No response there, either? Toss in 2 salesman200 Heads and maybe a
    Red, White and Blue 2014 iDay firework!
    Uh. Seriously, why is nobody going crazy?
    Sigh. I guess I can toss in... 100k. In rupees. Yeah.
    Um, and if you want to donate anything, PM me. Let the solving commence.

    - CLUE 1 (obviously an encrypted message, but what does it say?) -
    Bpvnmcqsgfplpoe tq vqem cebeteromss - wqm'yb hmbz Fnfhm 1.
    Wo, gvc K elqekf gpfidks ogbp ld zqe xgrln /zlrlp 10020 po [MEN5] ct tob urf tpbfnhpo [QGFZDCGU],
    Xqe'll hmn f xclxs ogbn sdv pe agv qpn hb fisrf zwecmfu hbfngpl Mnfhm 2.

    - CLUE 2 (what could JI SHARE 5 X 5 mean?) -
    JI SHARE 5 X 5

    The entire post (excluding this area, and the clues) is a clue. Yeah.
    This series of puzzles will require you to have a Minecraft client that can connect to EMC.
    You must not be banned from Elucidator residences and areas. Should you be banned, you will be unable to solve some puzzles and therefore be unable to win.
    For simpleness's sake, here are the prizes:
    » EMC Birthday Cake
    » Unopened Freedom Blade Chest
    » 100,000 rupees
    » 2 salesman200 Heads
    » Red, White, Blue 2014 iDay Firework

    You may be disqualified from the contest and/or at any time at the hoster's discretion.
    Play fairly, and don't reveal clues/hints/res locations or you WILL be banned from moving any further in the contest.
    You may not ask for help in a puzzle, and you may not share formulas/what you're thinking of trying/how you solved it with others.
    Okay, I believe that covers it. Ask any (reasonable) questions
    you might have in the comments/replies down below, and make sure
    to playfair!

    The furthest stage and people in that stage (may not be accurate):
    5th Stage
    » Rosy2696

    Event Time: Now
    Event Location: N/A
    Event Type: Puzzles
    Event Name: Runarion
    Event Time: N/A
    Donations: Read above, or PM me. I can do something.
  2. Hm, I won't be bothering to join this, but I'll certainly watch how this goes! (and maybe give something to the players who put the most effort in too ;))
  3. got questions that don't involve "how do I solve it/gimmeh hint"? PM me ingame or on site. I'll be on for a couple hours.
  4. As explained in-game as everyone seems confused (tl;dred the tl;dr):

    You find a clue message. Use that clue to find a key.
    Once key is found, /visit 10020 [key].
    At that location is another clue message for you.
    Rinse and repeat until the entire thing is solved.
  5. Sounds cool. :) I'll look at this a bit more in a few hours.
  6. New secondary rule: You may not ask for help in a puzzle from any players except salesman200.
  7. sale are you going to be coming on anytime soon?
  8. Okay because I've figured out the mineral but it's not leading me anywhere
  9. Clue #2 seems ambiguous to me. Can you rephrase it to clarify it at all?
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  10. once you figure out "how" to do Clue 1, Clue 2 will come into clarity.
    Before that it is useless.
  11. Bella221131 is a new addition to the list of people who have solved the first stage. Awesome :)
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  13. Bella221131 has progressed to the 3rd stage. It's not too late! These puzzles are solvable in under an hour.
  14. What's your email address again? I forgot to take a picture/write it down -_-
  15. -nvm, felt like censoring this-.com
  16. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but whenever I decode clue 1, I only get gibberish. :confused: Congrats on making a cool, difficult puzzle to solve.
  17. What have you been trying XD
  18. 4th stage solved by Rosy2696. It's not over yet, the next ones are devious/nigh impossible.