(Event) Riddle for Rupees!

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  1. Do you like to riddle? Do you like rupees? If you can come up with a few good riddles, you could win 100,000 r!

    Put up to 3 riddles (no answer please, that would take the fun out of it) into a written book, but do not sign it. Mail it to markethan13. Alternate accounts are ok, but please do not send more than 3 riddles per account.

    When I receive the unsigned book, I will give a number to each riddle and sign the book. Once I receive 100 riddles, I will put them all into a single book and mail each contestant a copy. You will then get to pick your favorite riddle on a forum survey I will start once I have recieved the 100th riddle. The contest will end one week after I have sent you a copy of the riddle book.

    Upon being selected as a winner, you will be required to provide the answer to the riddle you submitted.

    Good Luck:)

    1st place: 100,000 rupees
    2nd place: 50,000 rupees
    3rd place: 10,000 rupees
  2. So to win, you have to anwser 1 riddle that the survey decides?
  3. Sounds cool, will do mine soon :)
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  4. You don't even have to answer it correctly, it just has to get the most votes on a forum survey I will create. With the Internet bieng so available, solving them just isn't something that would be a fair contest. Maybe when the book is finished we can have a contest solving them at a residence:)
  5. Just a bump, let's get some riddles sent to me:)
  6. Just sent mine!:p
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  7. Sounds interesting. Maybe you should edit the rulings a bit where to get the prize, the winner must reveal the answer to either the entire group, just you, or a designated judge. Because otherwise, I could make up some random riddle and since I don't have to give an answer, I don't need to think of an answer.
  8. You could try to make something up, but remember that each contestant will be voting for the riddle that they like the best. And I doubt that something made up will be very popular, especially if it's not solvable. My original idea was to make people answer them all, but with the ease of the internet, most people would probably Google the answers anyway. But if I am able, I will request the following edit to the op: "Upon being selected as a winner, you will be required to provide the answer to the riddle you submitted. "
  9. Thanks for the entries so far:)
  10. Bump, send me those riddles:)
  11. Bump, Send in those riddles for a chance to win 100 k!
  12. I have over 20 riddles so far, keep them coming everyone! :D
  13. about to send one just need the server to restart!
  14. Why are you signing books with others' riddles in it?
    Sounds kinda sketchy...
  15. So
    That way I can number them from 0 to 100. I want each riddle to be anonymous when we vote for them, so when you vote for your favorite, you'll be voting for 1 thru 100, not for a name. When I receive the books, your name is the title, and after I copy them down into the riddle book, I sign them. That way I know they have been put into the book.
  16. i acidentaly put my name after
  17. It isn't a huge deal if they get signed by you, it's just easier for me to keep things straight if they are unsigned:)
  18. ah right phew!
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  19. Are all the riddles submitted yet, or do you still need more?