[Event] Rhy and 8's 4 Year Party and Summer Shindig!

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  1. [sweggy graphic coming soon courtesy of AlexChance]

    Hello, all of you wonderful people! 8comimi and I have decided to throw a party for the community, and with our 4 year anniversary on EMC and summer coming up, we now have the perfect opportunity! On to the details!

    We have created a residence with 63 normal and 1 final chest hidden on it. At the time of the event, everyone will be given use and container flags; anything you find, you keep. The final chest is the chest right in front of the spawn, and can only be accessed once a four-tier lock system has been disabled. Move flag will be given once the event starts.
    Players will gather on a residence generously donated to us by RhyIsANub (she's the real nub), and we will ask you guys various trivia questions. First one to get them right gets to try and jump from a platform into a one-block-large hole down below. If you make it, you get a prize, but if you miss, well, let's just say it may get a bit toasty for you.
    No, not the pony. We will all get in one big group, and I will tell you the coordinates of four locked chests out in the wastelands. You get to go find them and pm me the word or phrase that is on them. After you find the four, I will pm you coords of a final chest that you have to find, and the first three to get there get prizes.

    This will all start on June 18th at 3 PM EMC time. At that time, I will announce the residence where the chest hunt is taking place. At 3:30, move flag will be removed, and hole in one will start. After all the prizes have been given out, I will give out the coordinates of the rainbow dash chests.
    Of course, if we had to provide all the prizes by ourselves, you wouldn't be very happy with what we're giving out. :p If any of you would like to be good people and donate to the prize pool, just contact 8comimi or I, and tell us what event you want the prizes to go to. You will be thanked profusely and will go on the list of good people.

    Feast for a King, Pot of Gold, 2016 New Year's Aikar Head, Blizz Ard's nose, Scooooba Mask, and a Sharpshooter

    3 diamond blocks, 3 Enchgapples, a hamless sandwich, a E5U3 diamond axe, a Marlix bow, nd 32 Taste the Freedom Steak

    Momentus Toothpick

    64 Enchgapples

  2. Second!
    And Awesome, might I add.
  3. I mailed thingies
  4. I'm good with 5th! :p Very nicely made post I must also add. 10/10 would read again.
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  5. Seems pretty neat!
  6. What kind of trivia will it be? General, Minecraft, EMC specific, or other?
  7. Im guessing it will be stupid questions that the only way to answer them is google which is what everyone will do. :)

    Edit: and I mailed some stuff for the trivia donation rhy
  8. Of course not! I have a sophisticated algorithm that randomly generates difficult questions, but not questions that are too hard for people to answer.

    Yeah, random google questions.
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  9. Which would be me. :p
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  10. Bump! Event is in one week!
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  11. The event will start at 3pm EMC time on Saturday, June 18! Also, massive thanks to Sachrock for donating a stack of enchgapples! :) In addition, I updated some of the info on the OP.
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