[Event] Raid on Haunted Pumpkin Castle!

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  1. Raid on Haunted Pumpkin Castle!
    (A grief party and giveaway)

    18616, smp9
    Oct 25th, 1:00pm EMC time

    Loads of treats...and a few tricks :eek:


    Partial List of Loot:
    5 Dragon Stones!
    19 Dragon Stone Fragments
    200+ heads! Includes zombie (32), pig zombie (32), cave spider (32), slime (24), skeleton (24), creeper (24), and assorted lava slime, blaze, cow, chicken, and ghast
    10+ stacks of Gold blocks
    10+ stacks of Iron blocks
    5+ stacks of Lapis blocks
    DC of assorted lvl 30 multi enchanted books!
    DC of Blaze Rods
    DC of Gunpowder
    DC of Slime Balls
    DC of Spider Eyes
    DC of String
    DC of Bones
    DC of Enderpearls
    DC of Zombie Virus
    DC of Rotten Flesh
    Unknown number of pieces of haunted candy :)
    Plus 13 “ghosts” that may be redeemed for 2,000+r each (see hint #4)!

    1. While the Haunted Pumpkin Castle is a multi-level structure packed with goodies it also features buttons that will take you to a central, un-griefable teleport room. The unmarked tele pads will either lead you to some of the best loot or send you somewhere you don’t want to be (the event is spread over six res’s). So, will you stay and grief what you can see in the Castle, or be the first to take a chance for big rewards? Your choice. Trick or Treat.
    2. If you’re ever feeling stuck (and you may feel stuck) you can do /v 18616 to get back to the party. Having said that, there is one area where you may find that very difficult or impossible to do. If that happens, go to the end of the corridor to the tele pads, after teleporting immediately turn and swim up, the tele pads at top will take you to safety. Don’t panic – nobody will hear you scream anyway.
    3. Don’t be late and bring some good tools. This isn’t a drop party where 1-2 items fall on you at a time over a two hour period. The vast majority of loot is in block form or in chests & item frames right in front of you once you’re able to storm the Castle or use the central teleports discussed above. It will go fast! There are a good number of hard to find/hard to get items for the committed though…
    4. If you see one of the 13 “ghosts” eggify him quickly. Each has been assigned a random four digit number that corresponds to its value (2k+). In order to collect be the first player to provide its full name (Ghost XXXX) on this thread (do not pm me in game!). I will only pay the first player to post here. If you fail to eggify it and somebody else sees it and posts here first they will be paid!
    5. There will be lag. Set your stuff for best performance before we start! See you there :D

  2. Added partial list of loot!
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  3. this looks sweet. cant wait to attend
  4. Good idea, and nice of you
  5. Sounds awesome, thanks for holding it. :)
  6. Updated partial list of loot. Hints will be added this week!
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  7. this is how you do giveaways... definitely gonna be there
  8. Hopefully I wake up for the event :p
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  10. Haha. Very cool. Just letting everyone know that you can see a dragon fragment in an item frame about half-way up the wall underneath the right window. It will be mine. :eek:
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  12. Added another SC of lvl 30 multi enchanted books to the loot making it a full DC! Added hint #3 to OP - Bump!
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  15. When is 1:00 Pm EMC Time in EST?
  16. same, do /time
  17. I might be there, maybe :p