[EVENT] Private server Battle Dome

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  1. Hosted by: fat_batman, stormboy231
    Time/date: 5/4/14 6:00 pm EST
    Player's needed: 4-12
    Summary: Battle dome is a minecraft minigame when 2 teams made of 3-8 player's where they fight to the death or to destroy the enemy team's obsedain flag. There will be a 15min build phase where each team will be able to collect resources and build a base to house your team and your obsedian. During these 15 minutes player's can die infinitely but you cannot /back or heal during this time. At spawn there will be an enchanting table already made and crafted. After the 15 minutes is up enemy teams will fight and determine who is the victor by either all of the members of the opposite team or destroying the enemy teams obsedian.

    If you are interested please pm me and i will send you the server information
    Note: this will be comunicated through skype or skype chat the minecraft chat will most likely not be used due to everyone being able to see it

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  2. I'll join :3
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  3. Yes, I will be there to give staff presence. :)
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  4. storm will be there :3
  5. Starting in 7 hours come on we need 3 people more people for the game to occur
  6. I'll try be ther, can't promise anything :/
  7. try to be sure at least an hour from the event
  8. I will join :D But I will be playing as wolffpack58 ._.
  9. I'll join!
  10. I'll attend
  11. Please send me the server.
  12. I can attend; but I dislike using audio-chat, so you probably won't hear me talk alot in skype chat.
  13. I don't have a microphone so I can't talk.
  14. we are trying to get a team chat plugin for the private server so people do not have to skype but i will send that info to anyone who wants it. A player list will be posted in a few minutes
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  15. Current player list for the battledome:
  16. When will it be and IP?
  17. it will be in about 4 1/2 hours at 6pm EST as the forum said and i sent the ip to your alts acount
  18. I'll try my best to arrive
  19. send a pm to all with the info :D