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  1. Prepare...

    To honor EMC for all their influences in my life. I have made a event Prepare...

    Event Info:

    Date: 9/11/15

    Time: 5:30pm

    General Information: You have only about 30 minutes to complete a 13*13 build. You may only build in the 13*13 square you may build high or down. But it must be in the 13*13 Square!

    Items to bring: Materials!!!!!!!

    Location: Will be given out with pm


    I. If you grief any other builds you will get banned from all my residences and will get no prices.

    II. You may only build in your 13*13 square!!!


    1st: 5 sell or buy chests at my promo shop, Selective Promos from a [PREVIEW] CHEST (Promos may be worth 100k+) Also a build from me.

    2nd: Promos from a [PREVIEW] CHEST, Materials too diamonds,quartz etc. Also a build from me.

    3rd: Promos from a [PREVIEW] Chest, build built from me
    (Everyone is a winner more promos etc. will be given to the rest)

    How to apply for a square just write this:
    "I want a square in this event" and I will send you a pm with the location.

    Reasons I am doing this: Zikko's Inc. has made 4 Million in rupees (Woot, Woot Celebration time :D). I love EMC and want to show to you all my passion :D Always wanted to be apart of EMC. And now I am :D

    Thanks to Khixan :D for making builds more pretty then I thought.
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  2. I would like to join.

    Congratulations on that green :D.
  3. I would love to try, might make it not sure though
  4. I would like a square :D
  5. sure but could I make it before since I may or may not be able to make it then?
  6. in that case yes I would like a square
  7. Is it over? This looked fun
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