[Event Poll]The SMP 9 "Empire" State Building is almost complete so thinking.....

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What type of event Should i do?

Poll closed Jul 26, 2013.
A trivia "how well do you know me?" rupees Giveaway event 4 vote(s) 12.1%
A Drop Party Event 13 vote(s) 39.4%
A Scavenger Event 14 vote(s) 42.4%
Other? 2 vote(s) 6.1%
  1. The SMP 9 "Empire" state building is almost complete so thinking I would have a Celebration Event. But i need all of your help in helping me decide what kind of event you all would like to see me do? This Event whatever it may be will be located on SMP9 Res# 18005, time and date to be determined upon completion of my "Empire" State Building and after this poll has ended.

    1st choice:
    A "How Well do you know me? trivia rupee Giveaway Event. I will come up with like 5-10 Trivia questions that relate to Knowledge about me (no not like what my phone # is lol not gonna happen lol) like things i've mentioned in chat before for example "What is my age?". the reward can be say 5-10k rupees (or alot more if any1 would like to donate rupees to this event) to the person that is 1st to answer the question correctly.

    2nd Choice:
    A Drop party Event. This of course means i would need assistance with item donations for which i will set up special donation chests just for the use giving these items away in the event :)

    3rd Choice:
    A Scavenger Hunt Event. This would not require as many items to giveaway but would try to obtain some rather nice rares and other good items to place throughout my "Empire" State Building for all of you to find.

    4th Choice:
    Give me some suggestions on other types of events you might like to see.

    Will post pics soon :)
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  2. HOW long did that take to build!?! *feels small and not here*
  3. been working on it for several months now mostly due to having to obtain so much iron to make the iron blocks. it currently has 6-7 DC's of iron blocks built into it. plus around 2 DC's of glowstone, 7-8 DC's of stone, 4-5 DC's of glass panes, and thats not even counting all the materials inside the building :)

    At current height it has 21 floors (22 floors counting the very top so far) and 123 blocks high at ground lvl ( not counting the 64 blocks underground lol)
  4. Truthfully I would love a scavenger hunt, looks awesome btw :D
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  5. Some people are so creative of what to build :D nice job
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  6. thank you! i have this poll set to run for 4 weeks. this should give me time to complete the "Empire" State Building and give everyone time to get their vote in :D
  7. golfballbroker, you voted for other. so give a suggestion on what "other" event u would prefer to see.
  8. well its only me so pulling off all 3 would be rather difficult for me to accomplish, but ty for the suggestion :)
  9. You could always ask others to help :)
  10. I thought it was more pointy.
  11. The SMP 9 "Empire" state building is "almost" complete
  12. Oh sorry, I didn't read anything. Has just seen picture :p
  13. The "Empire" State Building is FINALLY Complete 2013-06-29_00.43.36.png 2013-06-29_00.45.25.png 2013-06-29_00.48.39.png

    the 2nd(middle pic) makes for a nice desktop background too :p
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  14. If you get the chance Come see the Finally finished Iconic "Empire" State Building on smp9 /v 18005
  15. Ok I'll come on in about a hour or so and have a look.
  16. Bump to my lou, my darling!
  17. Watch out for that speed bump!!
  18. Mind your Head! It's gonna be a BUMPy ride!