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No 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Hello, Empire.

    I am hosting the first (at least that I know of :p) Pixel-Off for EMC.

    Here is what it is.

    There will be 8 teams of 2. You and your team will create the pixel art TOGETHER. So please discuss with the existing member on a team if you want to participate with them, before applying.

    This will happen at 1:00 PM MDT on June 8th, Or just to make easy go to http://itsalmo.st/#pixeltime

    Each team will be given a huge, white wool box to build their pixel art in. Each team will have *exactly* One hour to build their creation. It must comply to the Empire Minecraft commandments and rules, and must be appropriate.

    This will be on a sever that I have made for this competition. The cubes to make the wool art in will be generated using WorldEdit. You will have a 64x64x64 area to build in. With White wool on all sides.

    What do do before applying:
    -Think of a Team Name. (ONLY If you are the first to apply for that team).
    -Think of anyone you want to do it with. (Discuss with them)
    -If you want to join an existing team, please PM the team starter ("Captain") To discuss details and strategies.

    Q: Will we be in creative mode?
    A: Yes

    How to apply:
    Post here with the following:
    Team number:
    Team name (If team founder):
    Partner (If none yet just say N/A):

    - R0bbiejo
    - Do NOT ask to be a judge, PMs have been sent to players whom I want to judge.

    - 1st Place: Turfinator.
    - 2nd Place: 1000r
    - 3rd Place: Nothin'
    - Prizes will go up and 3rd place will get a prize as I get donations.

    -Send rupee donations to gearmaster08. Do NOT send anything to 1998golfer!
    -If I receive a donation, your name will be listed here with the amount.

    Current Donors:


    Team 1:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Team 2:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Team 3:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Team 4:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Team 5:
    Name: Slimed
    Player 1: TheEpic5
    Player 2:

    Team 6:
    Name: Winning Team
    Player 1: Nick5013
    Player 2:

    Team 7:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Team 8:
    Name: N/A
    Player 1:
    Player 2:

    Happy Pixeling!
  2. Will we be in Creative mode for the build?
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that :p. Yes, you will be in creative mode.
  4. This may prove interesting...
  5. Hmm, I would enter, but could never get a team.
  6. I hope so :D.
    What do you mean? Just create a team and ask someone to join you :).
  7. I wouldn't know anyone to team up with me.
  8. Lol. Whatever :p. If you make a team people will ask to join you. Probably. As the other teams fill up :p.
  9. *shows possible interest…*
  10. lol.
  11. I would come, but im going to an amusement park at that time:(
  12. Only 4 days left... We need 16 players, ASAP.
  13. I'll play :]
    Username: nick5013
    Team number: 6
    Team name (If team founder): Winning team
    Partner (If none yet just say N/A): n/a
  14. Post here with the following:
    Username: TheEpic5
    Team number: 5
    Team name (If team founder): Slimed
    Partner (If none yet just say N/A): N/A
  15. Added :)
  16. Changed date to June 8th. Lets see if I can get some people to participate..