[Event] Pig Racing, TreeHouse

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  1. Come one, come all to the TreeHouse
    Make a guess as to what it's gonna be like. That's right, there will be 5 rounds of up to 4 racers each round, with spectators optionally bidding on who will be the fastest!
    The first 3 rounds will be regular rounds, with each racer holding only 1 unused carrot on a stick. The last 2 rounds will be speed rounds, with each racer holding 2 unused carrots on a stick. Remember, you can right-click while holding the carrot on a stick to speed-boost the pig you're riding on!

    When: TBA -- don't sign up yet xD
    Where: utopia /v +treehouse, teleport pads on left. Or /v 5619.pigrace
    I have four types of tracks set up. We will be using the "Race Track".
    Sign up below if you want to race! Say which type of round you want to race in (regular or speed)

    Race rewards will be given out as follows. First place wins 50% of all bets placed on them. Second place wins 30% of all bets placed on them. Third place wins 10% of all bets placed on them. If there are not enough bets, I will be giving out rupee rewards to the first three winners. This is assuming that there are four racers. Rewards will be lowered one tier for each racer that's missing. The lowest it can go is first place (out of 2 racers) getting 10% of all bets placed on them, potentially plus my own rupee reward of 1k.
    Spectators that bid correctly on first place will receive double their bet. 1k max bet per round. You may only bet on one racer per round. Racers cannot bet on the rounds that they're racing.

    If you want to race, please sign up below. There will be a maximum of 20 racers (5 rounds, 4 racers per round), first come first served. If less than 20 racers sign up or show up, I will allow people to race multiple times. Make it clear which type of round you want to race in (regular or speed).

    Note: You must used the carrots on a stick provided. You may not use your own. This is to level the playing field.

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  2. Event is tomorrow!
  3. Event is today at 7pm EST!
  4. The event was a success! 5 rounds lasted 40 minutes, making it a fun mini-event. A small handful of people showed up, but enough to run all rounds! Hope everyone had fun!
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