[Event] PARTEY at Cerb M.SB Tower

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Do You think I should put a poll next time? :P

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  1. Well I was Thinking of a partey at my new store M.SB tower for the Completion of the store In teh new Skybar. I thought posting on the forums would be a good way to start. I will be selling Beer (Potion of weakness) For 2 rupees And Only 52 are able to be sold. There will be fireworks. If your interested partey will be tommorrow 7/03 or is it 03/7 however you people read it/write it Aboot 4pm Australian Eastern standard time/ UTC +10:00. So thats about 10 hours earlier than Greenwich.( daylight savings so 11 hours earlier)
    Heres some differences between AEST and other times
    PST= 19 hours behind
    GMT=11 hours behind
    CST=17 hours behind
    CET=10 hours behind
    EST=16 hours behind
    MST=18 hours behind
    China standard time= 3 hours behind
    IST= 6 hours 30 mins behind
    JST=2 hours behind
    Please tell me if you are going to the party. Check the sky bar out first and figure out where to go Theres a minecart up to Skybar Its free Remeber to send minecart down for the next person in line. Remeber: Don't bother walking up the rails Cause you can't go in theres a piston door that retracts only to minecarts.
    And yes I'm too lazy to make paragraphs SO what. I'll be happy to see you there. If no one shows up I'll cry in the corner. You don't want the guilt of that do you D: Oh and Its on SMP6 and res No. 12444

    Theres some pics of skybar 2013-03-06_16.07.25.png

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  2. I would try to figure out what time this is in PST, but seeing how you offered and I'm lazy....what would this be in PST? XD
  3. Ok so I need your time zone. First what country do you live in and then ask someone for your time zone if your not sure I'll be able to calculate it that way
  4. Gah Doesn't matter the difference between PST and AEST is 18 hours
  5. PST is my time zone....Pacific Standard Time. I'll just figure it out.
  6. I already got it your 18 hours behind
  7. But What I meant was if you were Central, western or eastern But watever