{Event} Oh na na, what's my name? {Finished}

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Do your ears hang low?

They wobble to my toes. 16 vote(s) 33.3%
I can tie them in a knot. 16 vote(s) 33.3%
I can tie them in a bow 29 vote(s) 60.4%
I can throw them o'er my shoulders 24 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello people of EMC! Over the last couple weeks since name changes came out, I have been going over a number of new ones in my head, but none of them seem
    to be "the one".
    That is where you wonderful people come in.
    I will be hosting a contest to determine what my new name will be. These are the guidelines:
    Must contain the word "Knight", and there must be no numbers or excessive letters. I will pick the winner on March 19th.
    The winner will be picked by me and will receive . . .

    50,000rOh, and my head and a signed book, but no one really cares about those.
    Let the contest begin!
  2. Don't you mean, "let the contest begin"? lol
  3. I meant what I said.
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  4. Can we send multiple entries?

  5. ItsDwightKnight..... jk :p
  6. You can send in as many entries as your heart desires, so long as you don't spam them.
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  7. Knighterino, TheKnight, -instert any color-knight, Knighted, HammerKnight, BanWammerHammerKnight.
  8. Best Suggestions(by me):

    1. E_Knight (or EKnight)
    2. LovelyKnight
    3. Knight@Night(don't know id it allows @, if it doesn't then Knight_at_Night or Knight_of_the_Night)
    4. Knight_The_Protector(or KnightTheProtector)
    6. Da_Knight_is_Here(or DaKnightIsHere)
    7. Knight_Da_Ruler (or KnightDaRuler)
    8. Better_Knight_at_Night (or BetterKnightAtNight)
    9. Look_IMA_KNIGHT
    10. Here_A_Serious_Knight (or HereASeriousKnight)
    11. Im_a_knight_GUYS
    12. The-Night-is-Black-as-a-Knight (or TheNightIsBlackAs-AKnight)
    13. JustKnight
    14. Just_Knight
    15. (insert initials of your name here)_Knight [or (insert initials of your name here)Knight]
    16. Wanna_be_Knight (or WannaBeKnight)
    17. Watery_Knight (or WateryKnight)
    18. Air_Bender_Knight (or AirBenderKnight)
    19. Water_Bender_Knight (or WaterBenderKnight)
    20. Fire_Bender_Knight (or FireBenderKnight)
    21. Liquified_Knight (or LiquifiedKnight)
    22. Very_Soft_Knight (or VerySoftKnight)
    23. Soft_Knight_Amor (or SoftKnightArmor)
    24. Knight
    25. AweKnight
    26. TeddyKnight
    27. TeddyBearKnight
    28. KnightAndMoon
    29. Knight_A_Mom?
    30. Knight_A_Dad?
    31. Knight_A_Teen?
    32. TenTeenTin-armoredKnights
    33. BatKnight
    34. BadKnight
    35. BatBadKnight
    36. ImJustaKnight
    37. KnightCo
    38. KnightCompany
    39. KnightTrainer
    40. KnightMaker
    41. NinthKnight
    42. KnightBearer
    44. PinKnight
    46. PinkKnight
    47. ClearKnight
    48. CloudyKnight
    49. BrainfulKnight
    50. MineKnight
    51. DiggyKnight
    52. MinerKnight
    53. NightMineKnight
    54. BabyKnight
    55. KnightOrder
    56. 12thKnightOrder
    57. SpectacularKnight
    58. KnightDays
    59. WhiteKnight
    60. GeoKnight
    61. KnightDash
    62. PrismKnight
    63. KnightReflection
    64. EpicKnightReflection
    65. EpicKnight
    66. KnightLord
    67. RingKnight
    68. RingsKnight
    69. RingKnightLord
    70. RingsKnightLord
    71. DiamondKnight
    72. GreenKnight(when staff, when non staff if you ever come down: NotSoGreenKnight)
    73. NotSoKnight
    74. KnightSun
    75. [insert Abrevation of your name here]Knight
      1. Eg. Alexander: AlexKnight
      2. Eg. Benjamin: BenKnight
    76. A_KnightName
    77. NameAKnight
    Note: If you want to take out underscores and just have it together doesn't matter
    Will add more as I go...
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  9. DarkestKnight, BlackestKnight, BlackWithALittleWhiteStripeKnight
  10. I already named my alt that. ;)
  11. No way lol
  12. Username: iAmTheKnight
    Profile picture: Untitled.png
  13. Do you like names with underscores: Like-This
    or name together: LikeThis

  14. I think I actually will change my profile picture to that.
    Check the available names, ItsDwightKnight is taken.
    Joined together is preferred, but I'll take whatever you can come up with.
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  15. MidKnight

    Just a few suggestions that I could come up with of the top of my head, lol.
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  16. BlackKnight1021!
    SirPlus (Economics Joke)

  17. When do you choose the names?
  18. I feel accomplished. I spent a whole 5 minutes making that masterful piece of art. Now all you need is the username :p
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