[EVENT] New Years Ball Drop | It Actually Drops!!!

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Are you excited to see the ball PHYSICALLY drop???

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  1. EMC's First Ever Mechanic Ball Drop

    2020 New Years Ball Drop Event
    Sponsored by jewel_king

    Designed by BugsyWPfeiffer

    Built by xfufflymomox

    In Collaboration with Jewel_King's New Years Hangout,
    A ball will drop for a full 60 seconds from 11:59PM EMC Time. At exactly midnight,
    fireworks galore will be lit in celebration of the new year.

    You won't want to miss it!!

    When: 11:59PM EMC time
    (you may want to come a bit early)

    Where: /v 5200 in Utopia

    *The redstone is designed to be lag free. We are not using gravity to drop the ball but rather flying machines that work on EMC :O Please do not be discouraged :)

    Link to Jewel_King's Hangout Prior to Ball Drop: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/event-new-years-hangout.81616/
  2. did anyone record it?
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