[Event] Nether Spleef

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  1. Event Type: Spleef On Smp2

    Event Description: Spleef in My res bring a shovel
    Event Time/Date:
    January 21st 6:00 P.M EST
    Event Location:
    Smp2 My 4th resident 3163
    1st place 10,000
    2nd place 5,000
    3rd place 2,000
    4th place 1 rupee
    Please donate to make this event happen

    ParticipentsNINJATTILA SGX2000 DragonFlame356 PirateofDW

    P.S i know dark_liz came up with this credit to him or her
  2. Just relized form of pvp so i guess i can't do this
  3. Maybe don't do it on EMC, but on a different server?
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  4. just find a place in the wild out in the ocean and setup a spleef court... spleef people into the ocean and thus not PVP so allowed

    i'd play!
  5. Maybe add a disclaimer? Saying its just for fun and you will die?
  6. if you cant do it in nether do it in town?
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  7. ok so now its oceon spleef?
  8. Yep sounds like fun :)
  9. Ok I will do it sign me up this will be fun :D
  10. Edit read the OP
  11. 1 for ocean spleef.
  12. So I like the ocean spleef let's do it! Am I a part of the event or no?
  13. if someone sets up ocean spleef then i'm down to play, spleefing is fun!
  14. Luv spleef #OfficialSportofMinecraft :p
  15. BUMP it is on 3163 now i need donations quick or event is off D:

    Donators Will Recieve free shovels
  16. I'll donate 500... Can. Join it maybe?
    Edit- cant donate right now on an ipad
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  17. im in... i will donate all my rupees! one problem... i only have 1r
  18. I wanna play!
  19. made some money donating 100r
  20. could you make the game have no enchantments? because eff III is instant destroy making the game too quick