[EVENT] My Birthday!!!

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  1. EMC has had it's 4th birthday not a long while ago. Today, September 24th, it is my turn in real life.

    Today I become 18 years old!!

    To celebrate, I will, just today, be treating my fellow EMC players to a FREE cake on my residence! :D

    So, only today, come to my residence (/v 18891 on SMP9) and have a free cake to celebrate my birthday. This event will end a few hours after midnight EMC time.

    The only rule is: in order to give everyone a chance, you're only allowed to take 1 cake per player. Using alt accounts is forbidden. If I catch you breaking this rule, you will be restricted access permission to my shop.

    Shop visitors: don't worry, the shop was closed this night due to preparations for my birthday event, but it'll be open during my birthday. You'll just have to follow the signs to an alternate entrance. :)

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  2. First of all: Happy Birthday!

    I hope you're going to have a great day today, both in real life as well as on EMC. Be sure to make a small donation thingie, "some people" might want to leave something behind :p
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  3. Happy cake-day!
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  4. Great idea, I'll do that immediately! :)
  5. Nice, I hope to stop by today
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  6. I know that the cake chest is empty fyi, I will refill later today (because even though it's my birthday, I still have to go to school :/ )

    EDIT: I have placed a donation/present chest that you can use if you want (thanks to ShelLuser ;P )
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  7. UPDATE: I have made some new cakes, as well as cookies, since I'm out of cakes rather quickly.

    So if you want a delicious cake or four (4) delicious cookies, come to my residence (/v 18891 on SMP9)

    Remember: you may take either 1 cake or 4 cookies.
    ShelLuser, thanks for your donation, it was really awesome :D
  8. Happy Birthday!!!
    I'll try to stop by later on today :)
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  9. Pie is better than cake :p
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  10. Bump.

    There's still free cake & cookies until midnight EMC time!! :D
  11. Happy Birthday! :)
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  12. From Ethan & Cory
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  13. Happy Birthday
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  14. Congratulations! You can now be busted!
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  15. Love your res a lot
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  16. Wow, that's really well made! Thank you! :)
  17. Happy birthday! ;)
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  18. Happy Birthday! ¬°Feliz Cumpleanos! Bon Anniversaire! (Used Google Translate except spanish. :p)
    And I will be doing something special...
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  19. The birthday campaign is over. Thank you all for the great presents I got!

    I've got cakes and cookies left, so I'll put those in the shop later today, and make them very cheap!

    So, be sure to stop by! And I will have a donation chest there in case you still want to give me something.