[EVENT] my birthday!

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will you come?

of course! 14 vote(s) 45.2%
waste of time... 2 vote(s) 6.5%
DESMOND THE MOON BEAR 15 vote(s) 48.4%
  1. this is happening at 2:00 pm
    hey guys! im just putting this in an easier format from my original post. so basically i'm having a birthday party on smp2 this sunday (the 1st). it will have some games, trivia, and a 16 diamond raffle!

    here are the raffle slots:

    1. thespypie
    2. dylan_frennette
    3. zombieslayer010
    4. manglex
    5. squiggleyjeff
    6. pengw7n
    7. battmeghs
    8. migueldemesa
    9. missmadison910
    10. pat2011
    11. terrydaterrorist
    12. josh303011
    13. terr
    14. xl_like_a_pig_x
    15. alexhallon
    16. bailib
    17. eragon132
    18. ninga_is_awesome
    19. the_orange132
    20. dogsrnice
    21. nole972
    also, presents not required but appreciated! :D
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  2. no one wants free diamonds?
  3. 13 Please :)
  4. 7 & 3 are taken.. :mad:
    Gimme 13!
    13 is gone too? Ahhh!! I want number 4.
  5. No
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  6. 12. Im turning 12 on the 6th
  7. I already chose 12
  8. too bad :p
  9. 8 Please! I will bring a pressie :]

    And correction, the ninth will be a Monday :3
  10. While I probably won't be here that day b/c of vacation, I've left you a gift at my res, 2585 on SMP1. The chest is near the shop. Assuming I did the sign right [ACCESS] TheTrufflehunte (space problems), you can come over any day you want and pick it up. It's not a ton, but I hope you like it. :)
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  11. You have to be 13 i think to be on forums...
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  12. 10 please :)
  13. stop raining on everyone's parade.... its my birthday for heavens sake!
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  14. i already have seven... clearly.
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  15. thanks guys! and u all r added, btw. except for james tho..