[EVENT] MY 500th Day On EMC!!!

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  1. Hi People of EMC. My 500th Day Is Coming And I Am Having:
    • Gigantic Drop Party
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Horse Races
    • Capture The Flag
    Post about another game you would like to play and I will add it to the list!

    Drop Party:
    Donate Anything To The Hoppers At 10649 For The Party. A turkey slicer and a wither skull will be dropped, along with anything else donated or whatever I find. The party will be at the top of 10649 On Smp5

    Treasure Hunt:
    Anything I find in the hoppers that would be good for the treasure hunt, I will use. It Will Be At Res 10755 On Smp5

    Horse Races:
    Bring Your Fastest Horse! There Will Be 4 Races. The Winner Of Each Race Gets a Big Rupee Prize! (I will give the amount ASAP) it will be at 10755 smp5

    Capture The Flag:
    6 Teams Will Try To Capture The Other Teams' Flags and take them back to their own base. When Your Team's Flag Has Been Captured, You Lose The Game. You Will Have To Build Your Castle And Hide Your Flag Good Enough, So you don't lose! Winning team gets Big rupee payment!(I will find the amount ASAP) it will be at 5432 utopia!

    DATE: FEB. 5 2014 7:00 PM

    If You Would Like To Donate Rupees To This Party Please Pay feezelfam21. To Donate Items: put them in the hopper at 10649 smp5. Donations Are Appreciated! (The total of donations will be split in half, then 1/2 for Horse Races and 1/2 For CTF. CTF Money will be divided by the amount of people on the winning team. Horse races will be divided by 4, Quotient being given to winner of each race.)

    BevK56 - 2,500 Rupees
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  2. Where do you live?
  3. Um, Why are you asking that?
  4. Because I was almost never able to go to something awesome like this because people are in different time zones.
  5. im in EST. I will probably make it at 6:30 or 7:00
  6. Do you like cats? Do you like cat gifs? Do you like cats in monocles?
  7. You forgot with a pipe and a hat.
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  8. that is sort of off subject. but yes, I do like cats
  9. bump. donations would help a lot!!
  10. bump. 1 day away. please donate, 2,500 rupees isn't very much
  11. bump. 30 minutes away
    please come, donations still being accepted