[EVENT] Minecraft Saturday Night Takeaway!

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  1. Hello, I'm sure some people here have heard of a show called "Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" and I'm bringing it to EMC with just one slight difference, I will be the host! There will be prizes, quizzes and much more! Don't miss out, it will be at res 5318 on the Utopia server. Some users may be thinking that they wont be able to take part, because its on Utopia. *Buzzer Sound* anyone can visit utopia, just users cant claim residences or go to the wild.

    This event will take place on the 30th March 2013 (However, if there is a shortage of contestants or other problems, it will be postponed). Here is a program of the takeaway...
    The times are approximates, I don't know how long it will take for the contestant to finish the game. There will sometimes be breaks in-between each game, or we might be starting a bit late. The times are all in BST, there are many many time zones to convert into at this website...

    Opening : 14:00 HARLEM SHAKE TIME!

    Game 1: 14:10 Once There Gone There Gone

    Game 2: 14:20 The Numbers Matter

    Game 3: 14:30 Deal Or No Deal

    Game 4: 14:45 MEGA SPLEEF!!!

    Game 5: 15:00 Be In It To Win It

    Closing: 15:15 Firework Display and Give-away!

    The whole show will be approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. If you are going to apply to be a contestant, you must arrive 15 minutes early to the show.

    Now I am going to talk you through all 5 games...

    Game 1: Once There Gone There Gone
    1 lucky contestant will be racing through a maze to try and get to the prizes before they go! The rarer prizes will be harder to find. There will be one star prize that you get if you manage to escape the maze with all 10 prizes! The prizes will last for 5 minutes until they go. We need donations of prizes for this, please post below if you can donate. We need 1 contestant to play this (see form below).

    Game 2: The Numbers Matter
    This is a quiz game! There will be questions about Minecraft and EMC. There are 20 prizes, which again we will need donations for, prizes we need are minerals, rupees and other fun things! Post in comments if you can donate. Each time you answer a question correctly you will be able to choose a number. Only the audience know what will be behind that number. You have 1 and a half minutes to answer as many questions as you can. At the end the prizes behind the numbers will be revealed to the audience, but the contestant wont be able to see them. There is one final STAR question at the end, you can choose to play that question or take the prizes you have already got (of course, you wont know them prizes, so its a complete gamble). The STAR question will win you ALL 20 prizes, however there is not a A or B answer. We need 1 contestant to play this (see form below).

    Game 3: Deal Or No Deal
    This is a game based of the TV show "Deal Or No Deal". There are 22 boxes, and each contains a rupee amount from 1r to the amount donated in comments. Yes, this is another game we need donations for. Just rupee donations. You pick a box, which is your box, then eliminate 20 more boxes, when you choose to eliminate a box the value of that box goes. You keep eliminating until there are only 2 boxes left, yours and the remaining one. You have a decision to open the remaining one or your box, the amount that's in the one you choose to open at the end, is the amount you get! We need 1 contestant to play this (see form below).

    Game 4: MEGA SPLEEF!
    Everyone can play this game, it's just Spleef, but with 3 layers, and a big playing field. The last person standing wins half of the leftover rupees from the other games, and donations in the comments below. We need just rupee donations for this game. Everyone can play this game. EDIT: There will be hidden chests in the spleef field containing rupees and other great prizes!!!

    Game 5: Be In It To Win It
    In this game, there will be 9 people, and each of their names will be written on a book, books will get drawn from a dispenser randomly. If your name comes out, you are out of the contest. It will keep on going until just 3 people remain. Then another dispenser contains a cash prize, there will be 3 prizes, roughly the same. We then draw out the last 3 names, and track the order, this is the order the guessing will go in. Contestants guess what prize will come out from the 3 books. If you get drawn last from the dispenser, you have to go with whatever's left. If the prize that you guessed comes out, you win that prize. We will need more rupee donations for this game. We need 10 contestants to play this game.

    There will be a give-away at the end of any left over prizes, there will also be fireworks! To become a contestant, fill out this form below...

    [Minecraft Name]
    [Game You Want To Apply For]
    [Why Should You Be Picked]
    Optional: [Skype Name]

    We need a lot of donations to pull this event off we need the game donations and rupee donations in general to build this event, please fill out this form to donate...

    [Minecraft Name]
    [Game You Want To Donate Too] (put "build" to donate to the building of the event)
    [Res Number]
    Please leave a access sign at your res for me to pick up your donation :)

    We hope you can come along to watch or take part in this AMAZING event, and please be very generous with donations, thank you for reading,


    Game 1 [deathtomb8953] [TheEpic5]
    Game 2 [Rosy2696] [jtc0999]
    Game 3 [kieranfishing] [Plasma131]
    Game 5 [deathtomb8953] [jtc0999] [jacob5809] [kieranfishing] [Faeghost] [bitemenow15] [MajorSkillGaming] [greenpop1230] [wiespen] [Plasma131] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute] [Substitute]

    Spenser6 - 5,000r!!!
    deathtomb8953 - 50,000r!!! And 10 Diamond Blocks!!! 10 Gold Blocks!!! 640 Iron Blocks!!!
    Jake_bagby - Diamond Block!!!
    AlexChance - Really cheap beacon!!!

  2. Sounds very cool :D For anyone who is not British, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is a hit show in the UK, Its just a game show with ant and dec as the hosts (they are pretty funny) I will donate a diamond block! Edit- First!
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  3. [Minecraft Name]:kieranfishi-wait you already know!
    [Game You Want To Donate Too] (put "build" to donate to the building of the event): any. I would LOVE to o this
    [Donation] 1 super-enchanted iamond pick
    [Res Number]2503 (please also browse!)
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  4. If i was a normal human being with a normal schedule that does not change literally at the last possible moment....i would for sure be participating. Is there like a registration deadline? I would come help build too, but i am no longer a diamond supporter :eek: so i guess i will have to donate something else. do you need any supplies for building or anything? I.E. Cobble, wood, wool etc.
    (Edit) About to donate some rupees, i had to downgrade from 1.5 real quick :confused:
    (Another edit Hurray) I intend to help with this as much as non-supporterly possible.... i never seem to be here for big things like this but i will be this time.
  5. I will also help with fireworks and special effects if you want?
  7. I got fireworks too
  8. [Minecraft Name]:you know this!
    [Game You Want To Apply For]: ummm:DEAL or no eal
    [Why Should You Be Picked]: Ive always wanted to do tis!
  9. Oh. My. God. Yes.

    If anyone's never seen Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (so most of America), please, go on YouTube and watch it. It is the most epic thing EVAR! :D
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  10. Don't just watch the adverts.....
  11. "Win the contents of the banner ads shown on Empire.us!"

    Imagine all the unique things people could win...
  12. Yes, 'unique' is how you could put it :p
  13. cool! wer can i recive the block???
  14. I have a silk touch book with me if you have any use for that. If you are on Utopia ATM i can jump over and give it to you.
  15. the deadline is wen all slots r taken :)
  16. Thank you. I may not be able to participate in the games themselves then, but i am definetly going to be helping as much as i can with this!
  17. fancy taking part jack?
  18. that would be great!!! ill see u wen youre next online