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Would you like a prize?

I think prizes is a good idea. I may donate... 21 vote(s) 65.6%
I think prizes is a bad idea. I will NOT donate! 5 vote(s) 15.6%
Maybe.. 8 vote(s) 25.0%
I still have to think about it...( when you're done thinking, comment below!) 6 vote(s) 18.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Introduction: I decided to make a thread that appreciates members, so I called it "Secret Santa", but I was thinking to myself that Secret Santa was for Christmas. I changed the title to " Member Appreciation" so nobody gets confused. You enter like this...
    If you want, you can vote on the poll for prizes... Now here are the rules...

    Rule No.1: Please dont spam the thread. If your friend entered, and you say " Please let me get him plzzzzzzzzzzzzz:" Youll be banned from this FOREVER! Spammng this thread also may include erasing all the post, if nessisary. If you do this and I pick your buddy, I may change the person.

    Rule no.2: Please dont say anything rude or innappropiate things when you do your gift to the player. As the title says, this is Member Appreciation, not Member Complains! Saying something rude might lead you to having some problems with the person and/or breaking future relationships.

    Rule no.3: Please be patient when you enter. This may take a while for people to notice this event and try to read all of this. Remember.. Patience is a virtual :)

    Rule no.4: Try to have fun while trying to find things they would appreciate. This rule is the most importent of the rest. Instead of stalking them to see what they like, try some ideas they would like. For example, looking at their past posts and their res's will help you see what they like

    Rule no.5: Please dont say if you want a prize on the forums. Saying you want a prize will may lead to no prize at all. For the prizes, please donate a little. A little helps ;)

    In conclusion, I hope you will like this fun event. Try entering for the first time, and have fun thinking about your partner. I will take everyone's IGN and put it in a basket, and i'll PM you who you got! Have fun!! :D

    By your host...


    Good Olde Donation Board

  2. I MIGHT Donate
  3. When a poll reaches 10 votes, its settled!

    EDIT: Do you want to join nfell
  4. I decided to have this as the list! When theres more, I'll add some slots!

  5. yeah i wanna join
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  6. What number?
  7. 14 plz for my b'day
  8. kk! Our first 2 people!
  9. So let me clarify this:

    From the list 'o' numbers we pick from we will get a person at random and we will give them a present. The person who we are giving a present to will have a different person they have to give a present to.. And you will be PMing us the people who we got? How do we give them their present? So it is Secret Santa Member Appreciation :) I LOVE IT!
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  10. Yep, but it could be anything! Poems, creations, lectures, presents! Think away!! Would you like to join?
  11. yes ma'am ;) I'll take number 17
  12. *Sir
  13. This is going good so far! Remember to say if you donated so I can post it up on the rewards!
  14. Good idea but might need some work,But I sent you 6k to get you started with the thingy :)
  15. I'd say for it to stay ingame mostly because you can copy 'n' paste poems loool
  16. 11 for the Tomato!
  17. Good.. Good..
  18. I will NOT take those poems. I will only take the poems that goes into the players heart :)