[EVENT]Massive drop party! Residence 821 on smp1!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by NinjaBroccoli_, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Hello there everyone! Me and Jcplugs are hosting a drop party in about a half hour on smp1!

    We will be dropping diamonds, gold, redstone, emeralds, lapis, god enchants items, a bunch of random stuff and 2 beacons!

    When: 9:00 pm EST time.
    Where: Residence # 821 on smp1

    Get ready for an epic drop party! :)
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  2. Drop party :O
    Cool, I'll make sure to go there
  3. 2nd XD

    I think i might miss it, though :(

    How long will it be?
  4. Pretty long I am hoping. If we run out of stuff too fast I will simply grab more. :)
  5. 8 minutes until we start!
  6. ;_;

    I cant go

    Anybody wanna go and get stuff for me? XD
  7. About 2 DC's of god enchanted items being dropped!
  8. I'll try to get there! Sounds fun ;)
  9. Make that 3 beacons being dropped!
  10. Was awesome, thanks Ninja, Jcplugs, Crazy1800, Redwing, the staff who helped keep the party from going out of hand, everyone who showed up, and that one spider on my computer screen during the spleefing. :D
  11. Why u hate me, bro?!? XD jk