[EVENT] MASSIVE Drop Party For Our 100th Day On EMC

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    Rainbowpony1000 and BlueVault13 are turning 100 on the 15th of September.

    So in honor of this occasion we have decided to have a MASSIVE drop party.

    We will be giving away loads of cool items such as:

    Lucky Bow
    Dragon Frag
    Nether Hound
    Horse Armor
    Iron Blocks
    Vault Voucher
    Rainbowpony1000's Head
    BlueVault13's Head

    And last but not least 20,000 Rupees to one lucky person ^_^

    Where: 7333 Smp3
    When: 15th Of September at 4pm EMC Time
    What should I do to win the 20k?: Just turn up and have fun

    I will randomly give out the 20k to a someone who catches my attention.

    1: If you attend our drop party you MUST be on res chat, if you spam the town chat you WILL have your move flag taken away.
    2: Please have fun.

    We hope to see you there ^_^
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  2. You can use res chat by typing /c r when on the res
  3. happy 100days. wont be able to make it (it be like 4am for me then) but enjoy the celebration.
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  4. Sorry to hear that but thank you ^_^
  5. How did you get Diamond Supporter in less than 100 days? O.O
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  6. Would love to drop over, but I'm stuck working. Happy 100th and have fun. ;)
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  7. I'd love to come! im actually turning 1000 in about 30 days so check out for that.
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  8. I pay for Diamond every month to help support EMC ^_^

    Noooo not work haha, don't work to hard

    Wow Happy 1000th then ^_^
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  9. Congrats on your 100. Hope I can turn up for the goods :)
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  10. Congratulations on 100 days! I remember mine.. *goes into dreamlike state remembering* *Snaps out of dreamlike state* Will probably be there, and good luck to everyone for getting the 20k! Again, congratulations on 100!
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  11. Thanks guys! Happy 1000th day to u cubelene45! Hope u enjoy it, thanks blue for making my user rainbow XD btw can I just add something.... Please don't complain about what you get in the drop party many people will get nothing, if you do complain I will personally kick you off my res and you can miss out on the drop party :D
  12. Hope your able to make it :D btw nice pic where did u get it? Lol I might use it as my wall paper for my iPod :D
  13. Hey guys,
    Really sorry I wasn't able to make it,
    Reason is that my dogs chewed/attacked an outside PowerPoint witch tripped a safety crucify witch ment that I had no power and internet :( really sorry,
    How was the drop party?
  14. We'll blue payed every month to help the EMC.
    and me, I'm just really good at saving rupees and I don't pay for rupees either, I got a saltar and intaticus horse just before my 60th day on the empire but sold them to save up rupees for the diamond voucher :D
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  15. were they born in 1914? or did they turn 100 days old on EMC? lol
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  16. We were born in 1914 ^_^

    Nah 100 EMC days XD
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  17. I don't buy rupees either. No need to XD I do alot of DCs of iron
  18. noooooooooooooooooooooooo D: i missed t
  19. Ya same kicking myself cause of it, I wish u could have come apperently all the animal spawn eggs I put in the dispensers spawned XD
  20. Ah I didn't see that this was on D:
    I wish I could have come, but hopefully everyone had fun!