[Event] Mall closing sale/giveaway @ 18313

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  1. Update:
    Due to the closing of the mall, i have moved everything i wih to keep. In doing so I still have a lot of stock i need to move. So what does this mean you may ask?, simple read above !

    That right i have went and cut the pricing doen to 50% of all left over stock and ill be opening the res back up tonight at 8pm EST to allow all buyers access to the res and the deals.

    I plan on getting back to the roots of EMC and doing more building while I do my moderating. This being said I just don’t have the time to run the mega mall anymore. So I’ll be shutting it down. Don't worry though all my public farm shall remain in tack and operational.

    Keep an eye out for my weekly Mob Arena and more maze events that quite a few have be requesting I start back up!
  2. NOOOOO :3
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  3. I like death's post because I support his decision, not that I didn't LOVE his mall....
  4. I love it...... Keep the mall...
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  5. but but but... awe darn and i so loved your mall :). will be sad to see it go, but can understand your reasoning behind the decision
  6. I would love to and tried to make it self suppling but player just dont like to sell to me. So instead of responding to constent tells of " hey your out of this" i feel this is the best way for me to continue doing what i do best. Keeping you all safe and having fun!
  7. You could hire the selling prices to where you barely make anything but I guess it would run itself. I respect your decision.
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  8. :'(
    Been shopping there since my second day.
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  9. Death, i respect what you are doing too. Good luck with your other builds and know that your mall was always amazing
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  10. So ill be making an event out of this and giving away random stuff at the sale time be there or be square!
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  11. I'll be square in my sleep then.
  12. You're not alone sir. :eek:

    Hope it all goes well!
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  13. BUMP

    All sale sign up set up and there is much more then what i thought at 1st, some people are gonna get lucky!. i cut everything at least 50% in price and much more on others that i just want gone lol
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  14. Sorry to see the store go. I enjoyed shopping there. I also used the store as a basis for prices in my own store. Hope i can make it to the sale.
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  15. urm... i dont have move?
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  16. it opens at 8pm est.
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  17. Ahhh... This mall will forever be missed, I remember when you were building this thing death.... I was so confused at first because there was just plain grass everywhere around the mall... I was like... where did the streets go? XD But, you and your mall will be a role model to everyone for a long time :)
  18. oh... that makes sense.... based on when OP was posted i thought it already happened :p my bad.
  19. Will definitely miss your mall Death was my go-to shop on smp9.