[EVENT] Killing the End Dragon

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  1. If you weren't aware, a dragon slaying arena was recently finished on smp8 by the public wild utilities team. To celebrate it being finished, me and PrivateWillikers have decided to host grand opening event

    What is it?
    A series of 5 straight dragon fights

    When is it?
    Tomorrow, 7/27/16 (27/7/16 for the rest of the world) at 7 PM emc time

    Where is it?
    It'll be held in the smp8 wild end. We will be departing from town as a group, when it begins, for those of you that don't know how to get to the end

    Who is invited?
    Everyone! :)

    Will there be prizes?
    Yes. After each fight, we will randomly give the head out to someone participating

    What should I bring?
    Armor, sword, bow and arrows, food, and anything else you deem necessary. We will be providing a small amount of food, bottles, arrows, and enderpearls. There isn't enough for everyone to get a lot so if you can, please come equipped with these items. We will also be providing the end crystals for the fight

    I hope to be seeing you all there, it should be a blast! :D
  2. Also feel free to bring your own crystals if you want to fight a dragon after the event for yourself with a group. The meet up spot will be in /town
  3. I should be able to come and help keep everyone together ;)
  4. I'm in my ChickenDice friend
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  5. Woo hoo! Gonna be fun :D Thank you Dice and Willikers for putting this together! (cause gods know I didn't wanna run it LOL - I'll be there though!)
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  6. Should post a screenshot of the arena in the OP, it looks amazing!

    I'll be there, awesome event idea :)
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  7. Giving this a bump for Dice and Willikers. Hope people come out to kill some dragons with us and win some dragon heads!
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  8. Hope I can attend sounds really fun!:)
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  9. Awesome! I'll try to make it!
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  10. Thought adding some pictures might get a few more people to come out and check it out tonight :)

    End Spawn

    Locked Chest Room (Floor 1)

    Locked Chest Room (Floor 2)

    A view of the Locked Chest Room Courtyard

    Archer Ring

    End Gateway Portal Ring

    Ground level of the End Portal

    Bed/Farm Room (1/2)

    Bed/Farm Room (2/2)

    Cluck Norris :p

    Lets hope this many spoilers don't break anything lol

    EDIT: Gah, blasted spoilers :mad:

    Edit 2: There we go, just got rid of the spoilers and made the post a bit longer
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  11. I will be there, I hope everyone likes this we worked hard on it and it was truly fun :D
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  12. I am logging on shortly to put the access sign up for Dice and Willikers. Sorry guys, I completely spaced on doing that. It has the 20 crystals, food, pearls, arrows, and 2 stacks of bottles in it. Anything else I should include in it?
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  13. Not that I can think of and just to tell you like I told dice I may be a little Late but not extremely out of town right now and doing this from my phone. I may also be on time idk yet so plan on me being a little late
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  14. No worries, access sign is up and I'll be there too :) Thank you!
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  15. I might come if i'm awake at that time as its around 12pm for me, but I hope everyone has fun! :p
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  16. Great news should be there in time so will be ready for the event
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  17. Starting now! Hope to see you all there :) For those joining late, head west from /wild c and follow the bedrock bridge until you hit the sign saying to turn off that path. Just keep following the signs and youll be good
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  18. this is going to be fun!
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  19. This was really fun :3
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  20. Awesome event! I took some screenshots and will upload them later when I have a chance :)

    I really really loved the build and the arena. I can't fathom how long all this took to put together and how many resources you guys donated to it. I really appreciate what you guys did for this and I want to type out a lot but I'll keep it short with this - you guys did great! :)

    If you need any resources / help in the future just let me know!