[EVENT] Keysnake242's Grand Opening!

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Will you be attending this event?

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  1. Hello, everyone!
    I thought to myself and I said, "You know i've never done an event before..." SO... I thought that I could do something. So I am! This event is a Grand Opening! There will be a few activities going on for this event.
    Here they are:
    -Grand Tour
    -Treasure Hunt (includes prizes. Good prizes.:p 24 chests in total)
    -Small Maze
    -And a small Firework Show
    This event will also be Hosted at /v +KS on /SMP2, at 9:00AM EMC Time, on Thursday, July 30th 2015. (Do /time to see what time it is in game)
    Donations are accepted and VERY much appreciated. If you wish to donate, then you can mail me what you would like to donate, or if you want to donate rupees, then you can pay me. Every donation makes this event possible. ;) I hope that you can come, and if you can, see ya there! But...I want to make sure you understand one thing. Stay off of my flowers! :p
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  2. I will try to attend! :)
  3. Awesome!
    And...Im am DEFINITLEY trying to attend the million ruppees thing of yours!
  4. I'll be at work.... but like that stops me :p (Unless of course there is.. work)
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  5. Cant make it sorry :(
  6. I'll Try To Come!