(Event) It's my 1000th day.

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What is the oldest version of mobarena you remember?

Small bedrock box a little ways out of the smp5 wild 14 vote(s) 34.1%
Big cool nether themed mobarena just outside smp5 wild 3 vote(s) 7.3%
Nether themed MobArena in town 15 vote(s) 36.6%
Current MobArena 9 vote(s) 22.0%
    Hello guys :)

    I can't believe it is already my third year on EMC! I hope you all enjoy the empire as much as I do. There will be a small giveaway at the end, but here is a description of my EMC lifetime :) The following events are made by guessing only and I'm not really sure when this happened but the events are in order I think.

    0-100 Days: I am very sparing with my rupees and totally won't by anything if it is a rupee over what I consider to be market price. I never get above 6k nor do I try to. I made a very small cobblestone house and a overpriced shop. I don't really ever enter the wild(waste was not created yet)

    101-350 Days: I build a small wild base with my friend and never really enter town again for awhile. I go mining and make xp grinders out of every spawner I find. And that's all I do, the whole time. You'd expect I have tons of minerals/gems but I used terrible mining methods and I thought I'd never need more than 5 stacks of iron so I stopped collecting it as I mined. Along with this came the start of my special EMC item collection toward about the 150 day mark or so.

    351-500 Days: Here is where I really start interacting with the community and spend most of my time in town building an amusement park. It actually was pretty cool, (to me) my favorite creation was probably the wave pool I've created. I also spend a lot of time in creative mode singleplayer experimenting with redstone. I start getting pretty good at redstone, especially PVP traps that I was disappointed to not be able to use on the empire xD. I continue my EMC special item collection and it gradually gets more important. Also it's pretty cool if you've read the story of my life so far so first person to in-game message me the code: (friedpie) gets 5k. This is also about the first time I get more than 30k at one time. The amusement park gets griefed and I very sadly reset my res. I made a really cool giant cake on my residence that nobody knows about it so check it out on smp5 res #10940!!!:)

    501-650 Days: EMC item collection and earning rupees is getting even more important. I make a super ugly inefficient gold farm to make rupees. I also start auctioning random DCs of items for money so I can buy all the special items I missed. I also failingly attempt to vote for the first time but never get my streak above 10. Also in the pick-a-number thing, my special number is over 50 so if you've really been reading this you'll have a better chance at winning. I also do random jobs to get rupees for my EMC item collection which is quickly becoming my biggest goal on EMC.

    651-800 Days: Similar to the last segment, I am even more rupee oriented so I can support my special item collection goal. I also have the idea of the so close to being a real thing wilderness base I almost established called cowland. I even built the whole terrain and main house and I even attempted a website. I am not sure why I decided not to open it but I didn't. I would have a hard time finding the area on the live map but I'm pretty sure it was on smp6. I have completely mastered the art of redstone in single player worlds around the early 700 day mark.

    801-1000 Days: I start auctioning a few of my duplicate promos. I am entirely focused on keeping up with having one of every special EMC item. You can see my current collection at 10695, surface teleporter, go on top of the glass cube of chickens it is pretty cool and you can see most of my EMC progress and work's results. I try out a bulk supply business which is super difficult to handle, trust me. But I get a like 100k a month from it and break the 200,300, and 400k marks with it. I think I am completely caught up with my promo collection except from the 80k members party items oh why oh why did I miss that!!!! I also need Marlix armor :(. I built a super great gold farm which is providing me with some income for the promo collection. Thanks for reading this guys, it is kinda nice to know my EMC life is interesting enough to read :)

    Okay, onto the giveaway!
    I STILL don't know how to be a spoiler so, pick a number 1-100. The giveaway will last until next Monday, so whoever wins can be happy for at least one thing on the dreaded Monday. You don't have to ask a question but I am happy to answer! :) Secret prize :)
    Numbers taken:

    47- Tr33_FrOg
  2. :( I hit enter to add another line to the pole but accidently entered the thread instead, not sure if staff can fix that but if you can add, the nether themed with boss floor mobarena in town please, and then I guess the sandstone one because someone who joined last week could be reading this I guess :)
  3. 84 please.
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  4. 7
    congrats :D
    now me question :p
    if you would see a purple chicken around town, would you try to catch it and what would you do with it if you caught it? :D
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  5. 21 please, congratulations on this fine milestone! :D
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  6. 21! (I beated sep hehe)
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  7. I took that number in the post literally right above you :confused:
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  8. o.0... well I still beated Sep at least :oops:?
    lol my bad sorry that was the worst xD, 22 cuz why not :p
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  9. 56 Please :3 Congrats!
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  10. 83 please :2 Congrats on 1k days i hope to see you at 2000 :p
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  11. 52 please~!
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  12. 38 please. Hope you added the marlix helmet to your colletion:)
    edit i would like 98 if posssible or if not that 53
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  13. Epic0258, hope your reading this because like my computer doesn't let me quote EMC posts like every other month or something like that and it's really annoying but to answer your question: I would definitely try to capture it and I would put it in my cage that also has a Iron Golem and a disco sheep in town :)

    Also: Updated numbers :)
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  14. Happy 1000th! I will take 63 please :)
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  15. 33 please, congrats on 1000 days on EMC!
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