[EVENT IDEA] Anvil Rain

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  1. Hello guys!

    As I was reading through the suggestions on krysyy's thread, I noticed lots of people wanted more death events, because they are really fun and fair to everyone. But our death events are limited to spawning tons of enraged mobs and bosses, so I thought it would be cool to have something different.

    The general idea:
    Players enter a room (similar to mob arena) and anvils start randomly falling from the sky. You must try to avoid them. If you get hit, you die. Start off with a few falling at once, and increase the falling rate as time passes. Last person alive wins.
    Anvils should be dropped from high enough so they break as they reach the ground. Remove or collect drops (like mob arena) so there's no dropped item lag.

    No armor and no potions. You can bring food. I made some tests on single player, and enchanted apples don't affect the game too much, so they should be allowed. Armor, on the other hand, is far too strong, as it absorbs almost all the damage, making it so the anvils don't kill you in one hit.

    Hardcore mode: Players have slowness and/or blindness effect.
    Claustrophobic: Room gets narrower as the time passes.

    Possible prizes:
    Vault or stable voucher + any donations

    Players complaining about lag
    Difficult to code or to make on world edit

    What are your thoughts? Any concerns or suggestions? Please comment below :D
  2. Seems fun. :D
    And Ill accept ideas from anyone with a Pulsefire avatar. :p
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  3. Great ideas Matheus!

    I also think adding a "First to die wins" variation would be cool, some people find that just as fun, but the event would be a lot.. Smaller (Time-wise). Perhaps there could be 10k for the first to die and a Vault/Stable Voucher for the last to survive. There are a lot of combinations that could be used, even if the "First to die wins" varitation was used as a final round :)
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  4. Good idea!

    It is pretty much reverse firefloor.

    Also, TNT rain would be pretty hectic.
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  5. I like this idea, it has my approval! :p
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  6. I have actually received this idea quite a bit in the last week.

    I might be doing some experimental rounds soon. Stay tuned =)
  7. JL2579 would be good at this, based on his youtube intro...
  8. TNT rain is near impossible, as the blast radius is large and players die at the same time xD
    A server that I won't say has something like this as a minigame within a minigame, it's fun.
  9. But people could see the anvil falling and multiple could get under it. I also don't think you should let the anvils break because it would make the floor more crammed as more anvils fall and eventually create walls to block certain areas off, sort of like how FF blocks off areas as blocks fall. Also, once 1.8 hits "claustrophobic" could be done with command blocks using the new force field system.
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  10. The anvil breaking thing would really depend on how the "arena" is built, mostly the size of it, but it could be a possibility. As for the force field, I had that in mind when I thought of the "claustrophobic" concept, I had just watched a new snapshot video :p
  11. However, one person still dies first.
  12. Or one person dies last. Sheesh, FDNY, talk about a glass-half-empty! :p
    Also, I like the idea! :D
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  13. Sounds great :D
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  14. Aikar's said previously that he pretty much wants nothing to do with command blocks. I wouldn't put it past him to code something like that directly, mind you, but I feel confident in saying nothing on EMC will be making use of them.
  15. It is nice, but it is kind of hard to generally avoid anvils. And also, I am not sure if anvils can kill more than one person at once. Generally it seems fun.
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  16. The idea is to start off fairly easy, with not many anvils falling, making it harder as time passes or people die. Then when there are only a few people left, make it "impossible mode". Also, I think they can kill more than one people, not sure, I will try later.
    EDIT: Just tried it on a LAN world, a single anvil killed both my alts
  17. 1. Anvils deal damage in a radius around them, this would be very short.
    2. I made a superflat world with anvils only and no bedrock, and the world never finished loading, even with the computer I have. This would be extremely unbearably laggy.
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  18. That's because it spawns a ton of chunks at once xD
  19. 1. That would depend a lot on the size of the room. If it's something like the boss arena, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as quick as you're thinking.
    2. That's a biiiit too extreme, we're not talking about 10 chunks of anvils at once, but 3 or 4 stacks at a time maximum, which is about the same amount as 1 chunk of anvils. The lag would be real, but it wouldn't be as much as you're thinking.
  20. I did some testing, and the anvil has to be dropped from a very high height to break completely. However; it's a wonderful Idea, would like to see it happen
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