[Event Idea] Annual Empire Egg Hunt

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  1. What is the Annual Egg Hunt?
    The Annual Egg Hunt (AEH(Need a better acronym)) is a special event that happens every year around Easter.
    What can I get from it?
    You have a chance* of getting free unique eggs with special lores.
    How would this work?
    To get each Egg, you must complete a task. This task can range anywhere from Co-op, Parkour, or just a cleverly hidden place you have to find. YOU CAN NOT GET THE SAME EGG MORE THAN ONCE!
    How on Empire would this be fun?
    Well, this would help the Communities come together and use teamwork to some eggs, it gives people a reason to stay, and I have yet to see a server do an Annual Egg Hunt and I would love to see it happen.

    Sky, I know you and you most likely took this idea from some place else.
    Fine. ROBLOX: Egg Hunt 2014

    I am well aware it is too late for this to happen this year :)

    *Not AlexChance
  2. This is a good idea.
    (How about EAEH instead of AEH :p)