[Event] Hidden Maze 4321 20,000r Prize

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  1. Hi EMC Peeps

    We have another Event Coming Up :)

    This one is on SMP2, 4321

    The Maze Is Runned by Me an BTHarrold98

    Rules: Have Fun

    Clues are aloud after 5 Minutes of Play

    When 6 PM EMC TIME Wednesday
    Where: SMP2, 4321

    Also No Moaning Or Complaining ;)

    Winnner Will get 20,000r + Mine and BTH Head

    Starts at 6PM EMC Time
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  2. I like this rule :)
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  3. Bump

    Added banner for the Event Thank you AlexChance for Making this :)
  4. Night Bump First Event Event Happens in 25 Hours and 44 Minutes
  5. Sounds fun, thanks for the great event!
  6. Bump

    Event Will Start in 5 Hours and 22 Minutes Hope you guys can make it
  7. Event Starts in 2 Hours and 5 Minutes FireWorks have been Lit Come alone and See the FireWorks :)
  8. For a moment I thought the prize was 432,120,000r

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  9. 1 Hour Until the Event Starts and 50 minutes until the Drop party at 4321
  10. Bump Another Event Happing Today Hope you guys Can make it
  11. Dwight already scarred me... I may be there :D
  12. Ew, not doing this. I always ragequit ;_;
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  13. Bump Event Starts in 4 Hours
  14. Bump 53 Minutes Until the Event Starts
  15. omg who won it???
  16. I finally make it through just to find a empty chest and a full chest...
  17. Serialthrilla42 won congrats making it through
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  18. awe dang i missed it today