[EVENT] Haastregt's 1000th day party :D

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  1. Hello guys! My 1000th day is almost there! because of that, I have organized a party! currently there is around 375,000r to win!

    If you take part of this, Read this ALL or things wont be clear to you!
    When and where
    The party will be at 9228 on smp4, and will start at 3:00PM EMC time (/time). I dont know how long the party will be, but up to 2 hours after that. Event is on 24-12-2014 this isnt my actual 1000th day (it is my 999th), but otherwise it would be Christmas so that is a bit inconvenient.

    There will be a few contests and a drop party
    Contests are:
    Gaos (try to get up a tower, while only using a water buckit. Keep in mind others can steal your water o.0)

    and a secret contest, just so you cant get prepared ;)

    Prizes and further information
    items will be in chest that I break and theyy will fall on ground (no worrie I cant pick them up myself because I will have my inv filled with dirt)
    Items that will be dropped:
    -4 stacks iron blocks 6,000r
    -1 banana voucher 3r
    -2 vault vouchers 30,000r
    -2 feast for a king 40,000r
    -2 dragon stone fragment 8,000r
    -2 Ham Hackers 40,000r
    -1 Headless horseman mask, 40,000r
    -2 stacks of diamonds 9,000r
    -7 cooked turkey 28,000r
    -rememberance poppy, 15,000r
    -5 god apples 5,000r
    -bunch of hounted candy and heads 2,500r
    -alot of player heads 1,000r
    Total 244,503r
    These prices are roughly made so I might be a bit off (not that good at promo prices)
    I lost a good amounth of stuff in the wild (like 50k worth :/) so it is less than I wanted to be so Ill try get a bit more.

    Contest prices are: donations of guys, so feel free to donate
    Warning: please PM me after you did a donation, so I can keep track ;)

    I think parkour is clear, just reach the end and you will be teleported to the price room. picture of the parkour:

    Currently there is 31,000r to win at the parkour

    the thing you need to do here is use a buckit with water to swim to the top of the building. You all know how frustrating this is, and it will be worse since others are able to remove a watersource. The tower you have to climb is the same as the one you see at the picter at parkour. please bring your own waterbuckit.

    Currently there is 35K to win at Gaos

    Spleef is also pretty clear I think. please bring your own shovel. WARNING, TRYING TO CHEAT ON THE PLAYING FLOOR AGAIN OR HIDING IN OTHER PLACES OR MINING BLOCKS OtHER ThAN SNOW WILL RESULT IN A RES BAN! spleef area is 60x60 and has multiple layers at some point.

    currently there is 30K to win at spleef

    Secret contest
    The secret contest will stay secret, because if you know some preparations will make you an immediate winner :p. I will post the secret contest in chat if it starts.

    Currently there is 1 beacon to win at the secret contest

    The party starts at 3:00PM EMC time (/time) and will end 2 hours after that. It isnt that long becuase I also have christmass evening and other things to do, so because of that there are time limits on the contest. If a contest isnt reached within the given time, the prices wont be given :|, but I think it isnt that hard to finish in time (tried myself)
    -3:00PM - start DP
    -3:15PM - end DP
    -3:20PM - start gaos
    -3:45PM - end Gaos, if not finished before this time.
    -3:50PM - start parkour
    -4:20PM - end parkour, if not finished before
    -4:25PM - start spleef
    -4:45PM - end splef, if not finished before
    -4:47PM - start secret contest
    -4:58PM - end secret contest, if not finished before
    -4:58PM - present time :D, if someone brought one so probably this will be skipped :3
    -5:00PM - end of the party

    Hope you will all have fun!
    Of course, bringing presents is allowed ;)

    Thanks to:
    -stuitergast - 30,000r
    -TehrandomX - 6,000r
    -someone - 60,000r
    -myself - preparing everything and spending alot of moneyy for you :p
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  2. Looking forward to it Haas bet its gonna be the best. By the way if you dont mind me asking, what will be dropped in the drop party?
  3. I maybe unable to come, but I can see what I can do.

    Hope it's an awesome party and have a great day!
    Hope everything goes well. :)
    I bet it's going to be awesome! No matter how awesome awesomebuilder's dp will be! :p

    I shall donate 1r! :)
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  4. drop party will contain some promo items, worthfull items (beacons/diamonds/quarts) and maybe some vouchers
  5. Oooo, could I get a voucher or promo in advance? :D
  6. oo that sounds nice i hope i get promos and vouchers and beacons and oo the wonders of it all XD
  7. Bump
    Reactions on this threath are insane xD
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  8. I sad :C Im not home that day
  9. Maybe I should change it to another day because I just realize it is on christmas then
  10. Good to see more people active on EMC whilst crossing the '1000 day' milestone :D!
  11. Changed to 24-12 2:00PM EMC time - so more people will be able to come
  12. Looking forward to it congrats for your 1000th day (if I'm not there)
  13. XD itso n christmas eve so im probably online cus i will be at my friends house so u might here jibberish XD
  14. I am donating 10K for each contest, so 30K in total :D!
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  15. Yay thank you so much! you will be added to donator list!
  16. I am donating 5k for Gaos and 1k for the parkour sending money now :)
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  17. Yay! I am adding you to the list now :)
  18. Bump - currently the dropparty is worth 150K
  19. Bump! I will try to set up poll if I can :D