[Event] Grand Horse Race

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    Empire community, it is time to saddle on up your fastest horse and compete for cash prizes in a epic horse race at SMP2's grand race track at /v 3385. The date has been set for August 15th at 6pm EST.

    • Prize for first place: 50,000r
    • Prize for second place: 10,000r
    • Prize for third place: 1,000r
    If you would like to partake in the race you must post on this forum no later then 48 hours before the contest.
    No late entries will be admitted.
    Spectators are also allowed to come but your teleport is at /v 3384.

    Spectators, If you walk on the race track during the race you'll be perm banned from all future SSRC events.

    If you would like to donate rupees towards the jackpot which will raise even higher then, please pm me on the forums so I know to give you credit for your donation.

    If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions please leave them in the comment box below!
    Good luck everyone!
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  2. sounds awesome! I'm in! (as BQ2003)
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  3. Sounds awesome! I'll be sure to be there :)
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  4. my 133 134 is gunna get rekt by some millionares 136 or something :p
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  5. I will try to make it sounds fun!
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  6. Question: Is there going to be pig racing as well?
  7. This is going to be horse's only but that is a great suggestion for future races. Coming this winter I will admit that there is a special surprise race come the first day temperatures in Philadelphia drop below 32 degrees. A week from that date there will be a very special race with hopefully a very big Christmas giveaway party on the 24th of december.
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  8. I hope to be there soon ;)
  9. I'm Joining! 131 in line.
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  10. I'm in! :D
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  11. Ill bring my 137 >: D muahaha
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  12. rip ex
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  13. Lol rip! Seems I can't join xD

    Aw well, I'll most likely be there to spectate!
  14. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, and I hope to come next time though ;)
  15. Can i Be In!:confused:
  16. :\ unfortunately the deadline to enter in the race ended a couple days ago. I encountered the same problem, however you can be a spectator! Sorry about that!